Of London and cucumbers

On my recent trip to England, we went sightseeing in London.

After meeting an old school friend, she took us to the Millennium Bridge.

“Look!” I said excitedly. “It’s the Cucumber.”

(Silly me – the building is actually known as The Gherkin.)

On our way to the bridge, we bumped into the Invisible Man.

Once over the bridge, I looked back to get a dramatic view of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

A boat ride on the Thames took us to the Embankment

And a wonderful view of the London Eye.

Tired out and happy, we made our way back home

With a pocketful of good memories.

For more sightseeing, please visit: Our World.

77 thoughts on “Of London and cucumbers

    1. What wonderful captures of London!! And what a great tour you’ve taken us on! I love the “Cucumber” and the last shot with beautiful clouds and water and a Ferris Wheel and a peek at your son!! Enjoy your week!


  1. I would have given anything to see the faces of those around you when you said,“It’s the Cucumber.” I packed up. love it. Those images of London stir me. It’s my favourite city. Our two sons live there and we visit them every year, and what a joy it is to explore that city. We’ve been going there for the last twelve years now and every time we discover new things. You can’t exhaust London. We’re going in November again. Your images make me want to go now. So good to see them. Thank you.


  2. Marvelous images! It’s been about 10 years since I’ve been to London. The “cucumber” would be a sight I’ve missed and think it’s one worth seeing. I’m so glad you are spending time with your family and enjoying yourself!


  3. Always a treat to visit London. I lived there for eight years but still enjoy being a tourist when I go back! Hope you are enjoying watching the Olympics, and I hope you enjoyed your visit back home.


  4. Fantastic shots LadyFi. I especially like the view of St. Paul’s. This is my fav thing about blogging–visiting the sites of others to see the beautiful world around me.


  5. Loved the London tour! Gotta’ know, did anybody ride the London Eye? (It took me a long time to figure out why that building was called the ‘gherkin’ … it’s not a word I use every day …. (there were many times when we were there that I wasn’t sure we spoke the same language).


  6. The cucumber structure and traditional buildings stand side by side!! What an interesting city London is!! Especially I love the last photo. All of them are stunning as usual!


  7. Lovely…so very lovely… what a wonderful artist you are with your camera and your words….
    This blog post brought another kind of England back to me… so thank you! 🙂


  8. Where did you meet an invisible man? He looks so cool! All the shots are great as usual but I like the last one best.


  9. Its my first visit on your blog, and I just want to tell you that have have beautiful pictures! They are so full of life ❤ Best regards ,Tone


  10. To be honest, I do not like that tower a bit, it looks obscene in my eyes. There is something phallic about it, which is not a problem really, but not suitable in architecture.;) Maybe it is just my dirty mind responsible for these associations, hehe, but it simply does not fit the surroundings at all.;) Nice photography as always though.;) Did I tell you that my husband is half English.;)) xoxo


  11. London is such a great city, you’ve captured it well Fiona..If I remember correctly you escaped just before the Olympics began didn’t you, very wise I should think. Loved the Invisible Man, way cool! I am determined to conquer my fear and ride the Eye next time I’m in London.


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