On the beach

A day out at the beach

Can fill you with joy

And teach you that you need to make time for rest —

And space for play and imagination.

Even when stripped down to the bare bones,

We still have a rusty beauty.

At the end of the day,

It is enough simply to be,

And to be who we are.

For more life lessons, please visit: Our World.

83 thoughts on “On the beach

  1. Ah, my favorite place is the beach — just about any beach! The waves are awesome and your captures are beautiful! I love seeing your children enjoying the beauty! Have a lovely week!


  2. I love the shot with the two children facing the waves. Beautiful symbol of the vitality and energy of youth facing the waves of life. Lovely shots.


  3. Your photos are so exquisite but they are rivaled by your magnificent prose. I know you are exquisite and magnificent too, because you are showing us a peek at you in these posts!


  4. I could not agree more, there is nothing like the beach to renew the spirit ~ thanks for following me over to wordpress. Darn Blogger decided after 5 years I was out of space, so I made the move.


  5. That’s very close to where I am just now, in Eastbourne, I recognized the Pier in Brighton immediately ! The weather is still far to cool for the season, but at least the sun was shining when I sat at the beach there.


  6. Magnificent shots, you captured not just the allure but also the power of the sea beautifully.;)) Love the green colour of the waters.;)) xoxo


  7. That picture of the kids with their jackets on reminds me of Oregon beaches — they’d be right at home here . I love the serenity and natural beauty. Same with the ones here — the long flat sunbathing beaches (like in Florida) just don’t do it for me!


  8. I’m in awe of the dynamism of the waves and your children in front of them as a part of nature. Beautiful thoughts and beautiful photography as always.


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