Sunny side up

I’ll be England by the time you read this

(So won’t be visiting you all as frequently as usual).

My sister has warned me that there will be plenty of rain.

Weather aside, I’m sure there will be plenty of time for play and laughter —

As long as we remember that we all carry a piece of sunshine within.

Make each day your masterpiece. — John Wooden

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53 thoughts on “Sunny side up

  1. I hope you and your family have a great trip — regardless of the weather, but hopefully it will clear up quickly! Always love the shots of your happy kids and their beautiful smiles! Exquisite, colorful, flower! And, yes, a great reminder to carry the beauty within! Enjoy!!


  2. Have a lovely trip. The rain is a worry though. Lots of flooding I understand. Marvelous photos, but would I ever expect anything else from you? I don’t think so…


  3. Glad to see you all making fun no matter the weather.

    We try to bring the same attitude forward each day here as well.

    Always wonderful shots LadyFi.


  4. That was a gorgeous flower Lady fi! 🙂 And the two other photos, one so cheerful with the kids and I like the one with raindrops as well. It tell us much how the weather and summer has been.. a lot of dark clouds and quite a lot of rain..

    A fantastic shot below here, of the seagulls! WoW! 🙂

    and the wonderful flowers in that magical water, what a unik shot! =)

    Enjoy your summertime! 🙂


  5. Your daughter looks a wee bit annoyed with little brother. What a great little moment you captured there! And the flower is lovely too (as always!) Have a great trip! -Danette


  6. Lovely images! I hope your visit to England is wonderful and, even with the rain, you are able to capture the beautiful scenery!


  7. Hope you didn’t have too much rain in England! Some of my very good friends who live there went to the Meditarranean for their vacation:)


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