107 thoughts on “Magical balloons

  1. Firstly – beautiful photos! Secondly – spookily, in fact – this morning as I was driving into work, a huge red balloon appeared – taking people on an early morning flight, just across the fields…… it made joining the motorway a touch more magical!


  2. Magical photos and such a magical place you live. I can only imagine how gorgeous that view was from inside one of those balloons 🙂


  3. your posts are beautiful poems – the words, the pictures, the graphic presentation, everything. a source of inspiration.


  4. Wow, they sure add to an already lovely setting! We used to see hot air balloons all the time, but not so much anymore.


      1. I have to admit – I’d more likely hang around for a sunset late at night, than get up at 3 am to catch the sunrise… LOL.


  5. Stunning. If I didn’t have to be out of bed at five in the morning, i would go up in one! Did once, that’s it ticked off the list.


  6. Wonder-FULL. How awesome it must have been to be in one of the balloons on such a day. It’s on my bucket list.


  7. A truly magical evening. I would love to be in one of those ballons, watching the sunset unfold from up there.
    Wishing you a happy weekend,


  8. ladyfi,
    whenever I see your photos, I realize and envy what a wonderful place you live in. Two balloons fire my imagination and I wonder where these two balloons will go over sunset. Now I am enchanted by your magic!! Superb photos always! Have a great weekend!


  9. They really are great images! I keep saying I need to do a hot air balloon trip – but it never seems to happen!

    We have been away in North Queensland for a week – hence the silence on the reply. A rather wet week was had by all – but I did see some good stuff; pictures to follow. No decent internet access, so I just stopped looking for a week – now I’m catching up!

    Stewart M – Australia


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