The light of the lilies

There is something magical

About entering the huge circular greenhouse

Where water lilies rise gracefully out of the shadowed water.

Strange plants grow around the walls

Sighing like discarded scarves.

If you’re lucky, you will see

The world’s largest water lily, Victoria Amazonica, in flower.

They only bloom twice – the first night, they are white,

The second night pink.

And there – can you see it? –

Is the perfect blue water lily

That inspired the imagination of Monet.

For more inspiration, please visit: Our World.

80 thoughts on “The light of the lilies

  1. It looks like you got so close to these amazing flowers. the strange one that looks like a scarf is unreal. Thanks for opening my eyes to new plants.


  2. oh wow….these are a gift in perspective…each one is so cool…love the level you got in the first, skimming across the top…and the second in tight…love it…beautiful…


  3. There’s something profoundly archetypal about these lilies. They rise up out of the water in to a glorious expression of beauty – something like consciousness out of the waters of the unconscious. Beautiful symbols of this. Thanks Fiona.


  4. I’m left a bit speechless – what a magical place. And that you were there in that most perfect moment, to capture this beauty. What an inspiration. These photos are magnificent. happy day to you Fiona.


  5. Oh my goodness, these are beautiful!
    Last year, the deer ate all of ours. Actually went into the pond to get them.
    This year, they’ve left them alone, and I have been photographing them every chance I get.
    Happy Monday to you!


  6. Speaking of inspiration… Once again such outstanding photography! You capture more than a picture in each of those frames.


  7. hi Ladyfi, your photos are beautiful and i love most that wrinkled one! When you said that lily bloom only twice, do you mean they produce two flowers per plant? Or do you mean that the single flower starts from white but the same flower turns pink the 2nd night. The sentence is quite confusing.

    And in your comment in my post, i also did not get what you mean when you said, the fruit of the cacao makes a lovely drink! I wonder how the fruit is made into a drink! Can you teach me that? thanks.


  8. Simply gorgeous, by coincidence I used some water lily photos in a post of my own today. 🙂


  9. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Such pretty photos paired with lovely words. I can only imagine the gentle water reflecting the light and colors of these graceful lilies up into the delicate air.


  10. Stunning Fi …. we have the beautiful Victoria Amazonics growing in our Botanic Gardens … I love to watch and photograph them opening. Wonderful captures of these exquisite blooms.


  11. What a gorgeous colour that last one is!!
    And I love the later post with all the raindrops!! Something we have not seen in far too long!


  12. superlike! love that bit about discarded scarves… but i love the story you wove for us even more… btw, when i was in high school, i used to draw lilies a lot. it’s odd that am reminded of that only now – with your pics. thanks! 😉


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