Let it rain

It has rained and rained

And then rained some more.

The flowers don’t seem to mind.

And there is nothing as refreshing as air and plants

Washed clean

And glittering with small diamond drops.

And after the rain, these masters of camouflage come out:

Much maligned creatures, but also a part of nature.

And look — so pretty too!

For more refreshing pictures, please visit: Our World.

And Lisa’s Macro Monday.

85 thoughts on “Let it rain

  1. Gorgeous flowers and I love the droplets of rain even though our weather has been so much like yours! I still prefer it to the heat that so much of our country is suffering from and they are indeed crying for rain!! That little guy does blend in with his environment, doesn’t he! Hope you have a wonderful week, Fiona! Enjoy!



  2. There is just nothing as refreshing, is there? Oh how I pray and long for rain here. That slug is perfectly disguised and, dare I say . . .beautiful?! (Just keep him in your garden, please! Ha!)


  3. Ah so you are living here now are you? It rains and it rains and it rains….the old timers keep saying they have never seen the grass so green this time of year…..

    I actually like your sluggy, he is much nicer looking then the ones that are not supposed to be living up here, but still do.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


  4. Just look how adapted that snail/slug is with it’s environment! Can hardly see him! And that Iris is beautiful!


  5. I want some of your rain, Fi – please send some across the ocean immediately! I cannot even imagine glistening flowers and snails.


  6. I do share the feeling you wrote! I’m enjoying our one-month long rainy season while praying for no landslides or flooding due to torrential rain.


  7. Irises look so fresh and gorgeous! However that maligned creature is a pain in the neck. I know they are part of nature but they spoil my flower and vegetables…I wish I had the peaceful way to coexist with them.


  8. Lady fi,
    Flowers look happier in rain. Sometimes I feel like standing in rain without an umbrella like them. Natural diamonds are more gorgeous!


  9. For a minute there I thought I was looking at Oregon pictures. We are seeing friendly (and yes, rather beautiful) slugs again . They’re such an icon here that at it’s annual celebration, Eugene crowns a “slug queen.” (In a sarcastic send-up of other beauty pageants.)


  10. You managed to capture diamonds on your flowers. Beautiful! (and great pic of the slug too!) Cheers! Danette


  11. It’s raining cats and dogs here, too. But I’m not feeling inspired to go out to capture the beauty, like you have.


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