77 thoughts on “The space inbetween

  1. I’ve been gone for quite a while, but coming here is like visiting an old friend. LadyFi, a camera in your hands is a good thing. Beautiful pictures – as always, and accompanied by an appropriate sentiment. Thank you for sharing the gift of your eyes.


  2. How do you manage to take such gorgeous photos every single time? Your shots belong in National Geographic Magazine.

    What an excellent, superb photographer you are. Your photos are some of the best on WordPress. I don’t say that lightly.

    Have you entered any photo contests? If not, you should, and also should consider submitting photos to publications. You deserve more acclaim and recognition for your photos than you already have.

    The world needs to see your talent! 🙂


    1. Oh, how very very kind of you to say so… I haven’t submitted my photos to any publications. If you have any suggestions as to suitable ones, I’d be grateful… Otherwise, I’m just an amateur living in a lovely part of the world.


  3. the hues of/on the water are magnificent
    and the critters are elegant

    I love space, wonderful quote


  4. Such a beautiful example of the image and the words coming together. Thank you for this wonderful illustration. I’d love to meet those swans.


  5. Space is immense when turning to the different direction , and small when seeing face to face. Your photos are beautiful, technically, metaphorically, and poetically.



  6. Beautiful swan, beautiful sentiments, peaceful and necessary space… I keep learning more about the value of space every day.


  7. It’s wonderful how you find the perfect illustrations for the perfect quotes. Or perhaps it’s the other way round — either way this is wonderful. I know that quote b/c we remembered it well when we started full-time RVing all those years ago. Believe me, creating those spaces was important!


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