Red glory

On Walpurgis Eve (30th April),

It’s time to light bonfires to chase away evil spirits

(Or so people once believed)

And welcome in the spring.

This year, the fire burned as fiercely as ever —

But it couldn’t compete

With the natural red glory

Of a spectacular sunset.

For more fire in the sky, please visit: Skywatch.

97 thoughts on “Red glory

  1. Hi there – for all that I don’t think we need to “drive away evil spirits”, I do think we miss out on things if we reject the celebration of the turning of the year. Long may your celebration of spring continue.

    Stewart M.

    PS: thanks for the visit and comment.


  2. Beautiful photos you have captured the atmosphere of spring in the evening delightfully full of light and color. Greetings.


  3. the silhouette in these shots – superb. that’s an amazing color you’ve captured, I feel as though I’m viewing the sunset in real time myself. I was expecting photos of bonfires, but this is way better. happy day to you Fiona.


  4. Hi There, I’d love to hear more about Walpurgis…. I know it’s a celebration of sorts–and you said that it’s when you get rid of the evil spirits… Very interesting….. BUT–you are correct… Nothing can beat a beautiful sunset!!!


  5. Images message silently I received and the message is – Nature with Silence.
    Beautiful location must be. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Where are you getting these sunsets? Those can’t be for real, lol….you must be in a 70’s themed room shooting the murals on the walls…just joking…those are spectacular. Like always…

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty you see around you.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


    1. LOL – you’re hilarious! We haven’t had many good sunsets at all this year… So glad I was out with the cam for this one though!


  7. No one else made the comment about May Day on their blog, and I was happy to see this. I am a big fan of ancient history! 🙂 Loved your beautiful photos! The sunset is just unbelievable!


  8. Ladyfi,
    I have never seen such a gorgeous sunset!! The sky is burning! Buddhism says Pure Land is in west. Oh, I believe it.
    How beautiful the red is! What a beautiful gradation!! Knockout!


  9. Gorgeous sunset capture, Lady Fi! What a lovely end to your evening. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, happy skywatching!


  10. I’m getting spoiled. I can see your post and the pics on my phone so I forget to get over here and comment as quickly as I would otherwise. Gorgeous pictures!


  11. We too experience red glory while sunset but it was only mild.

    Fantastic capture here! It’s marvelous.


  12. Hi there, just catching up on posts that I’ve missed. Loved the images from Roros and ‘Art Deco Skies’ is superb! You’re so lucky to be going into spring, wonderful time of the year..We’re a long way off here in Perth, heading into winter, although it has it’s merits also. have a fab weekend.


  13. Nothing takes my breath away like a glorious sunset! I’d be honoured if you’d consider being a guest on my RED Alert series – where I interview you about your RED photos on my blog? Just fine if you’re unable to – it’s always a pleasure to visit your blog!


  14. Not only do you have spectacular skies to share with us, but the surrounding landscape is so serene. Beautiful series of shots. I love your two swans, too! Thanks for visiting.


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