Bubbly feelings

Spring is that celebration of

Bright surprises;

Of new buds daring to bloom.

It’s that warm fizzy feeling that bubbles up

From the inside in an explosion of petal and joy.

Sometimes, its dewiness trembles on a flower

So that it seems to swim in the air like a petalled fish.

And sometimes, those winter remnants remind us that endings

Can be the seeds of new beginnings.

For more spring beauty, please visit: Our World.

101 thoughts on “Bubbly feelings

  1. If viewing the flowers and views on your site LadyFi does not make one want to go hiking and see, smell, and experience nature, I am not sure what will.



  2. Such a beautiful tribute to spring indeed!! Delightful, beautiful flowers, gorgeous colors and the perfect words as always! Your macro shots are superb!! Have a wonderful week!



  3. thanks for spinning a bit of beauty here today…it is a breathe of fresh air i def needed on a monday…pouring rain here too and kinda cold and dreary, so the color did me well…smiles.


  4. Amazing pictures. Spring is such a wonderful time of year. Is that a tulip with all of the dew on it? Beautiful. I think the buds in the second picture down are my favorite. Thanks for sharing…


      1. That’s fantastic! My wife LOVES tulips, but unfortunately none of ours bloomed this year. We’ve had such crazy weather. Need to get out and tend to the garden and hopefully bring them back.


    1. I want to thank you for all your kind comments.

      The URL you leave here however doesn’t take me to a blog. Which blog do you have? or perhaps I*m already a visitor but don’t recognize your Lom8ance mail. (Are you Nancy from Aural Journal?)


  5. Incredibly beautiful. Those drops of water and the colour are breathtakingly beautiful. It just stirs your soul.


  6. Beautiful words and photos. “Endings can be the seeds of new beginnings’ I just love that.

    P.S. Discovered I forgot my country next to my name on the linky right after linking up. Will not forget next time. My apologies.


  7. Your flower shots this week are awesome…so full of color and detail. Loved seeing the water droplets on the petals. Beautiful work. genie


  8. Thank you for your drenched spring flowers. Although we are in autumn, this year the seasons are standing on their head and we already have spring flowers although we have not yet had winter. My crab-apples even flowers this autumn. Everything became confused because of the rain and temperature drop.


  9. What wonderful macros! Just gorgeous! I see you are with Red Bubble! I ordered some cards of photos of another blogger friend and they were very professional and got to me fast! Loved them! I’ll check yours out too!


  10. Oh, so it’s spring in your place. I love the colors of spring and how you presented them in your photographs. It is summer in my side of the world and we don’t have spring here. So I am absolutely enjoying experiencing spring through your photos.


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