63 thoughts on “The joys of life

  1. I think Oscar has a special ability to enjoy life. He’s always ready to jump in to the coldest water! nice post! -Danette


  2. I love your photos. Your blog is a joy to see. I always look forward to your next set of photos that you post. Your blog is a breath of fresh air here on an often polluted and hateful blogosphere. I can’t say it enough: I love your blog! Keep up the excellent work! 馃檪


  3. So insightful and beautiful. I think most of us get stuck in the pondering and never launch out and get to the joy. Is there not a naturalness within we’ve lost touch with? Animals have it. It’s kind of instinctual and perhaps that’s why they’re such wonderful mentors. Thanks again for a wonderful post.


  4. Hi there – these are really great pictures – so much better than the “cute” dog images that abound on the net – these pictures (and the dog!) seem to have real character!

    Cheers – SM


  5. Oh, it’s reminding me my dog ! I had one just like that named “MISS”, she was sooo pretty, so nice, so intelligent… She had a great life and lived 14 years !! Cute pictures. Good memories. Thanks. AMCHdesign


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