Art Deco skies

When the Observation Deck at the very top of the Rockefeller Center opened in 1933

I imagine it looked something like this…

Moody, Art Deco inspired and with glorious views.

I’ve manipulated this photo that I took in February of this year —

But left in the modern camera on the left as a way of connecting

The past of my imagination

With the reality of the present.

For more nostalgic skies, please visit: Skywatch.

95 thoughts on “Art Deco skies

  1. I am a huge art deco fan. 🙂
    Brussels probably is the best place to see some stunning art deco building in Europe.
    Vienna is not bad too. 😉

    >Is it as warm this year as last?

    No, this year is colder. 😉
    Been raining a lot these days.
    April showers bring May flowers.


  2. Hi There, You did a great job with that photo….. Love it!!!!

    I remember, as a little girl, the one place EVERYONE wanted to go to was the Empire State Bldg. I have never gotten there–and now, I’m an old lady!!! ha



  3. Well done, it does have that vintage look about it. I am reminded of the movie with Cary Grant called “An affair to remember”. Thanks for sharing your wonderful skywatch.


  4. Great pic! I love B&W films and this one definitely has that feel– a moody mystery. Maybe Hitchcock. -Danette


  5. My husband was tall building crazy. When we went to New York about 20 years ago, we went to all the tall buildings. I asked him if he was sad The Twin towers are gone, he kept quiet.

    Thanks for tip about photographing trees. I did take one of a phoenix palm with me laying right under the tree. Shall show it to you for my photo hunt on Sunday. I just went to take more, but because I was at the main road, I didn’t want to lay down. i live and work in this suburb, A kid might tell his parents, Mum, Dad, that’s my teacher. The parents might say,” That crazy woman on the ground.” LOL


    1. Sure! In fact, I can’t quite remember how I achieved this as I was just playing around with some pre-sets in a Mac program called Snapseed.

      I may have turned it into black and white and then applied a vintage pre-set to it… Not really sure. (I don’t have Photoshop so it wasn’t anything complicated.)


  6. A very beautiful photo. I love the nostalgic image.
    Thank you for visit Green Tomato. I have joined you!
    RedRose from Japan.


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