Signs of love

A wave of guerrilla goodness has been sweeping my world.

Last week on my way to work, the entire square was plastered with words of encouragement:

“Your smile lights up the world!” and “Have a lovely day!”

This one made me laugh. “Your mother loves you!”

And this weekend, as I was shivering on the path by our lake,

I spied a heart drawn in the earth.

The next day, I was walking in the woods in a snow blizzard

When I caught sight of this heart planter hanging from a tree.

My spirits lifted immediately!

But my favourite signs of love

Are always these treasures: my kids.

And with that, I wish my compassionate and lovely son a Happy 9th Birthday.

For more kindness, please visit: Our World.

84 thoughts on “Signs of love

  1. Oh, wishing a Happy, Happy Birthday to your handsome son!! It is wonderful to be able to look past the cold weather and whatever problems go with the day, to be able to see the many beautiful and wonderful things in our lives!! Hope you and your family have a great week!



  2. I shall be smiling for the rest of the day (if not week). Thank you for this.
    A very Happy Birthday to your handsome son!


  3. First.. beautiful photos! 🙂

    Secondly.. I’m glad you found beauties on your way and shared them with us! 🙂

    I just love that tree! Have you made a color to the tree afterwards, I see those lovely red spots..

    And Happy Birthday to your handsome son!! =)


  4. What wonderful finds. They would raise anyone’s spirits. Thank you for sharing them. And Happy Birthday to your beautiful boy.


  5. Lovely post Fi! All of your shots are wonderful but that last one of the birthday boy is a treasure. I hope he enjoyed his birthday. Here’s wishing many more happy ones to come.


  6. Happy birthday Lady Fi’s son. I think you are quite fortunate to have such a loving and creative mom!


  7. Oh my…these are beautiful signs of love! The best sign of all, though, is the sweet smile on your adorable son. I hope he has the best birthday, ever!


  8. You’re getting sweet messages everywhere but the gift of your son’s smile is the best. My oldest grands are 9 – a wonderful age and an age still filled with wonder. Happy Birthday to him!


  9. Hang on just a minute there! What the heck happened to those two little ankle-biters you used to have when I first started reading your blog? Yikes! They’re BOTH all grown up. Time flies! What a handsome guy — I’m sure his birthday was wonderful.


  10. I love love love when people do these kind of things! It’s so beautiful and I think no one who ever crossed those sign wasn’t not happy to read it!
    Yesterday, with one of my flatmates we decided we are going to do a Free Hugs campaing in Barcelona at the end of the month! We want to spread some love!!!


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