A colourful world

February is a a time where nothing much happens;

Where life unfolds with the rhythm of the seasons —

And splashes of colour surprise and delight:

February fog

A magical parchment sky,

A glittering rainbow world.

It’s true though that change is good for the soul,

When one kind of colourful world

Is exchanged – even though briefly – for another.

It’s nice to get away and gain a little perspective —

It helps you appreciate all the good things you already have.

The true harvest of my life is intangible – a little star dust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched. — Thoreau

The vibrancy of Time Square, NY

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78 thoughts on “A colourful world

  1. nice…i def love the little steps out into another part of the world….nyc esp….nice pic…that first pic almost looks sepia and makes a great contrast to the second…


  2. i love your peaceful scenes… years ago i would have welcomed the city’s hustle and bustle, but these days, give me peace and quiet and country…


  3. It must have been more than just a little change, being in New York. You really captured the essence of the city in that photo! -Danette


  4. Great contrasts here – while recognising the vibrancy and life suggested in your NY shot, give me the peace of fog/mist any day! Happy week.


  5. Two worlds ~ so different!
    such quiet and peace ~ silence in the first photos…
    the color and sounds of NYC.
    Wow… very nice!


  6. The serenity of the country side has my vote. Increasingly I don’t do hustle and bustle well – even briefly.


  7. Vilken läcker färg du fångat på dimman. Din omgivning är helt underbar och spännande för mig som bor så långt söderut man kan komma. Jag njuter av att få ta del av dina vackra bilder.


  8. First of all- stunning photos! That you haven´t made a calendar or something yet is amazing- you have just TOO many wonderful photos to not do SOMETHING with them! Second- it´s such an interesting contrast these two worlds you portray here in this post. I think each must be wonderful and magical in it´s own way!


  9. Beautiful photos indeed! =)
    I love the snow, but the one from NY is gorgeous! =) I’m so glad you’re sharing some ohotos from NY on your blog, I would like to go there one day.. one lovely day :))

    I do believe exchanging environment or worlds is good, especially one gets a perspective.. 🙂


    1. The first one is straight out of the camera. I increased contrast and color in the second. I’ve never seen anything like it before!

      Sent from my iPhone


  10. It must have been somewhat of a culture shock – your peaceful lake and then the cacophony of the city. Both surprise and delight. But – I cannot get enough of the lake photos!


  11. Brillant! What a contrast!

    Murray loves Times Square – which for a child with autism I find amazing! It’s so crazy but there’s something about it that appeals hugely to him!


  12. I was convinced now again that change is a chance to have something and I was overpowered by February fog in the north .


  13. Yes, of course it’s good to get away. And NYC is such an exciting place. But I would rather look at photos like the first two. What beautiful light, and what a fairytale land it creates!


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