Let it snow!

When winter breezes in with Arctic breath

And white kisses flutter down from heaven,

Then the only way to enjoy winter —

Is to embrace it!

(It’s not really winter anymore here… but that inbetween time when we’re waiting for the warmth to come. I just couldn’t resist posting this photo though!)

Oscar enjoying - 20 C!

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67 thoughts on “Let it snow!

  1. Oscar is as enthusiastic about life as you are and it shows with every photograph! 🙂
    Danette (WordPress now requires me to login to my WordPress account in order to comment so if I forget to sign it, hopefully you’ll remember this is me!)


  2. Snowed here last night…by morn it was gone…yes…SPRING is a commin’! Oscar and I would be the best of mates in all that snow!


  3. You might as well enjoy winter, I’m enjoying your winter. We have the windows open, and are thinking about turning on the air conditioning.


  4. Oscar looks as wonderful as ever. I guess he’s not swimming yet this year. Well, I’m sure he wasn’t when this photo was taken. We had a lot of -20 this winter but not much -30, which we get most winters.
    Lindy is snoring behind my computer chair as I type this. Golden Retrievers sure are great dogs, aren’t they?


  5. Oscar makes snowy scenery perfect! Is Oscar taking a rest after playing with snow? No one can resist this loveliness! Twinkling snow is exquisite.


  6. Hi There, Oscar is like ME… He loves the snow like I do… Unfortunately, we don’t get much snow here… Hubby tells me if I lived where there is alot of snow, I wouldn’t love it so much anymore… ha

    Great picture.


  7. He’s such a gorgeous dog. Love this shot – I have a similar one of Belle with sand on her nose! (For some reason, WordPress is requiring me to sign in on that account before I can comment – is there any way you can change that requirement? It takes me several steps to go back and link it to my blog. I wish they hadn’t changed – they had the best comments format before this!)


  8. Oh Oscar! You are adorable! You know what Fiona, I can embrace winter more readily than I can a hot summer!! Weird I know but maybe that happens to a few of us in the northern hemisphere.


  9. I’m so glad you shared your thought.
    ‘White kisses” struck me as a very lovely thought.
    I totally love the snow and I’m only sorry that we didn’t have hardly enough to embrace this year. 🙂


  10. Good old Oscar! I know just how he feels. When it hits minus 20 I, too, just can’t resist going outside and rolling around in deep snow….. NOT!!!!! It’s a beautiful photo.


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