Golden glow


The sun – just like life –

Burns us not with its heat,

But with its passion,

Its beauty

And its golden glow.

(And yes, it was a very cold sunset!)

For more golden skies, please visit: Skywatch.


99 thoughts on “Golden glow

  1. You always take the most stunning images. They are like poetry and this one is like honey, sweet and mellow.;) Lovely words as well.;)


  2. Great photo! Gorgeous, both of them, I particularly like the first one. I have not been in the mood to take many pictures since it got really cold, but now that it’s warm I will be more into posting my own stuff I think.


  3. The sun is a life and life-giving source. When it is cold, the warmth of the sun infuses itself into our heart as well as our body. Your photos are stunning.


  4. I also need passion like sun in my life. These are beautiful breath of golden sunset at the icy world. Fabulous capture.


  5. Wow, thanks for the beauty fix today…such gorgeous shots! If I ever make it to Sweden to meet you, you can find me by the lake here near your home…trying my best to get gorgeous shots like you get ;-)))) Happy Friday!!!!


  6. Amazing photos (as all of yours are). And, such lovely words–I LOVE to come to your blog and see your work–I’m never disappointed. Have a great weekend. Mickie 🙂


  7. Vakre bilder og ord! Jo, det ser kaldt ut til tross for solas gylne stråler. Det er noe spesielt når sola står lavt over horisonten – det beveger oss.


  8. Oh, this is the most beautiful glow of the sun I have ever seen!! The sun looks like quietly giving us its message. Glorious glow and Praise of the sun!


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