Inner song

It is said that birds in cities live with so much noise that they lose the ability to hear the complexity and beauty of each other’s song.

Just like in our lives:

If we let the buzz and busy-ness overwhelm us,

Then we might not hear our own songs – or the melodies of others.

Lone heron - early dawn - summer 2011

For more songs, please visit: Camera Critters.

74 thoughts on “Inner song

  1. Oh, such wise words indeed! I guess that has been one of the benefits for me of growing old — taking time to listen to the music of life. A superb, breathtaking capture. Wishing you and your family a beautiful weekend!



  2. So true! There is so much noise in our world…..a little break every now and then will rejuvenate us. Your photo, in it’s stillness, did just that Fiona. Thank you.


  3. –It is said that birds in cities live with so much noise that they lose the ability to hear the complexity and beauty of each other’s song.–

    There is something utterly heartbreaking and sad about that, Ladi Fi.



  4. I’ve also heard that after time the song of birds evolves– or devolves (as the case may be) and they may sound completely different than a bird in a forest.


  5. So much to think about here! Early this morning, I could hear birds singing and woodpeckers hammering, but I wanted to finish a task in the house and didn’t go outside — always a mistake. The job would have waited — the birds did not.


  6. Very thoughtful message in your words. Sometimes we hear and see so much in our fast paced world that we don’t really hear or see any of it.


  7. Is that true about the birds? What a sad thought! What a powerful reminder of the importance of space and silence in our lives though, and what a peaceful picture!


  8. The photo makes me feel like I’m in the world of meditation. Chinese character to mean busy is expressed as “忙”; left side part means “heart” and right side part means “lose”.


  9. This capture is just so beautiful! I love the morning mist, and the reflection of the heron, and the whole peaceful feeling!!
    I scrolled down to the bottom of the page, and I like the first of the sunbeam captures, and the duck in fresh perspectives, as long as you don’t expect me to put my head under the water…


  10. There is a famous verse in Japan written by Bokusui Wakayama. that is as follows.

    Oh, lonely swan, not adapting to sky blue nor sea azure, floating on the sea.

    We can not listen The sound of Silence too, except by CD.

    Your beautiful remind me this verse.


  11. I’m sure you are right. Wish I could get photos like yours Fi – but I would have to get up early – not my choice of activity! – Dave


  12. I really loved this post, not just for the photograph, that instigates tranquility, but also for the sentiments in the text. You are such a sensitive soul.;)


  13. So true about the listening powers. In cities many birds lost their species itself, esp. the house sparrow has left our city almost.
    Lovely capture 🙂


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