Frozen lilac

Winter comes in all colours of the rainbow:

Frozen lilac  – so enchanting!

A new kind of winter magic.

Sunset at - 17 C

For more colours, please go to: Skywatch.

And do check out Saturday Sareenity!

116 thoughts on “Frozen lilac

  1. What a stunning demonstration of the pristine beauty of Scandinavia.;) You should publish a book with all your photographs.;)
    Stay warm, it is cold here too, we had -17C a few days back, now it has gotten milder, it is only -6C.;)


  2. That is winter magic indeed. Gorgeous shot. It lifted my spirits to look at it. I’m not posting to Skywatch this week because I’ve been pulling my hair out with computer issues.


  3. Hi Fiona! Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. Took a year off from my photo blog, but now I’m back. Your photo for Skywatch is absolutely amazing. It is striking and magical! Hope life has been for you this past year – looking forward to staying in touch again!


  4. Oh yes, fabulous colours, Fiona. It’s not quite that cold here in Alberta (only -12C) and the snow is gone for now, but we are sure to have another blast of winter before spring comes in May.


  5. You are right! Winter has many colours. It’s not just black and white. It needs a trained eye to see this. And you have a pair of trained eyes.
    Have a great weekend.


  6. I think we have had pictures similar to this and enjoyed the views but didn’t have to go out in the weather. This is a nice shot.


  7. Great processing! If this is HDR, you did a great job avoid the classic signs like glows and halos. Excellent color scheme too.
    Looking forward to more.
    I just came across this blog from Eden’s Friday round-up that you were featured in.

    Keep it up!



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