The old mill

You would probably walk right past this humble old cottage

If it weren’t for the sound of rushing water.

You’ll be happy you took notice —

The house is unusually tall and narrow

With marvellous old wood that speak of its age:

Three centuries in existence as the old mill house (Olhamra Mill)

That used to distribute water to the lands around it.

Nowadays, it’s a summer house

Where the owners look as if they stopped painting one of the doors

To enjoy the delight of the singing water.

Before following the bend in the road,

Make sure you turn around one last time

To enjoy the hidden beauty of this age-old jewel.

For more hidden treasures, please visit: Our World.

92 thoughts on “The old mill

  1. Would love to explore that old place. We had a historic mill that finally had to be torn down near us–it was just too close to the main river and was continously getting flooded.


  2. Oh, I do love old buildings like this and I always wish they could talk and tell me their history, and the people that have come and gone over the years. Your photos capture all the beauty and the mystery and, as always, I love them, too!! Hope you have a great week! Stay warm!



  3. wow i love places like this…so much texture to them and your eye just finds new delights…the trickling water too def adds a nice soundtrack to it…


  4. That red against the white is so vivid. It looks as though you had wind during the snow – the trees are blotched up their trunks. I’d love to know the story behind the half-painted door.


  5. I would notice this old beauty… bet your bottom dollar I would, I love old places like this… 300 years old? That’s astonishing & oh the stories it could tell… absolutely wonderful shots & I love how you said to take one last look before the bend in the road, for that’s exactly what I would do! =)


  6. Three centuries, that is breathtaking when I think about all the people who had to take care of the house over time. What a treasure. What a find.


  7. WOW, what a gorgeous mill! I always have dreamed about fixing up some old building- an old warehouse or mill or light house into a home…talk about a story to tell within the walls of these old buildings! And nothing photographs better then an old bright red building against a snowy landscape! Gorgeous!


  8. Beautiful pictures you are showing us.
    It’s a wonderful post..
    The old mill.. nostalgia all over.
    I sorry for my bad english, I bet that there is monkey-gramma all over..;)!


    ps; thank you so much for your nice words on my post today!


  9. Thank you for visiting my blog and nice comment. The reddish brown in the white snow is cute. And it’s grand for endurance for long years. Surely jewel.


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