Winter rules

When winter comes around and the cold wind is blowing,

You have to learn how to enjoy it.

Rule 1: Revel in it (and maybe take an ice bath?)

Rule 2: Explore the beauty

Rule 3: Take a look around and smile – the world is beautiful and you’re alive!

For more rules, please visit: Camera Critters.

67 thoughts on “Winter rules

  1. Oh, they do know how to enjoy and have fun, don’t they! He is so beautiful! And I think I can hear him laughing for joy! Hope all of you have a wonderful and beautiful weekend! I know he will!



  2. Another sweet, joyful, and funny shots of Oscar! I do love him, his way of expressing joys, and your photographing with so much affection and attention toward him.


  3. That is a really Swedish dog!;) We also got some snow and are in deep freeze, however I am not sure I share Oscar’s joy for the weather.;))


  4. There is no doubt that your puppy knows how to enjoy winter, and such a joy to see!

    your last post of the sunsets are gorgeous!! Mystically wonderful.


  5. Someone loves where he is! Our Colorado kids have Australian shepherds and they love the Winter oh so much more than they do the summer — maybe that’s true for Oscar too, because he too has that lovely long coat. (Although I think I’ve seen him smiling in every season.)


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