Two pasts and a present

To celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Dragon, I offer you three photos taken on successive new years.

When I stand on our wobbly jetty and look to the left,

There is a spit of land with trees on it called ‘The Hill of Love’.

In the New Year of 2010, the sunrise bathed the ice on the lake and the trees in blue.

In 2011, the afternoon sun presented

A  glorious landscape of diamond-studded snow (on the iced over lake).

This New Year, the mild sunset surprised us

With lilac and gold

And perfect reflections in a lake still waiting for the big freeze.

May the dragon roast your marshmallows to perfection this year without singeing your eyebrows!

For more lovely skies, please visit: Skywatch.

91 thoughts on “Two pasts and a present

  1. What a blessing, and three great photos as a bonus.

    I love the “hill of love/” I started to ask if it really was but caught myself, of course it is.


  2. All three images are beautiful, Lady Fi! I love them all much too hard to pick a favorite. Happy Chinese New year to you. Have a great day and Happy Skywatching!


  3. Beautiful lake shore shown at different weather conditions.;) How stunning it can look and how versatile it is depending on the light – love all those hues of blue and purple.;)


  4. I do love this post, ladyfi! In your photos, the Blue Dragon painted the world blue either deep or soft even last year when it was not the year of dragon. And, the Purple Dragon will invite snow soon.


  5. Happy Chinese New Years and your captures for the day are gorgeous indeed!! And thanks for the morning giggle — I love the idea of the dragon roasting my marshmallows and keeping my eyebrows intact!!



  6. Beautiful post, I love to compare these two photos from the same place and same perspective but separated in time, precious and delicate colors in both. Exquisite.


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  8. There is something to be said for having late snow! That lilac reflection photo is wondrous! “The Hill of Love” is a great name for it.


  9. It always amazes me how different the same place can look at different times of the day or the year. Each one beautiful. I feel like the dragon is unleashing all his heat on Perth at the moment, 42C again tomorrow with no easing up in sight! I think there will be more than eyebrows singeing around Perth!!


  10. Just Magical visiting here – Your photos are Magical – and now “”May the dragon roast your marshmallows to perfection this year without singeing your eyebrows!””Your sayings are Magical too.


  11. I can see why you return to photograph this lovely spot. I especially like the light, reflections, and colors of the last shot. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the weekend.


  12. It is a bitterly cold day here in Italy so I am staying warm and cosy by the fire and catching up on my blog reading. The beautiful images I have caught up with here have brightened my afternoon, especially this interesting set, what a difference a year can make!


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