Of snow and love

At last – the snow fell as lightly as butterflies

Bringing out the child-like spirits in us all.

It turned the world

Into a snowy poem,

And leaves into fluffy pillows of white.

The magic of the snow is that it

Makes the world a softer place,

A kinder place where dreams can grow.

The Eskimos had fifty-two names for snow because it was important to them: there ought to be as many for love. — Margaret Atwood

For more poems, please visit: Our World.

89 thoughts on “Of snow and love

  1. Beautiful snow, wonderful captures and lovely words! I loved our snow — until the city shut down, Seattle doesn’t deal well with snow! Oh, and your beautiful dog looks so happy! I do know he likes the cold since he will swim in icy water by choice!! Hope all of you have a wonderful, snowy, beautiful week!



  2. Now all the snow is finally falling after a warmer than usual winter. I didn’t know Eskimos had 52 words for snow. I agree, there ought to be as many for love. Perhaps even 365 names. One for each day of the year.


  3. Great photos as always Fi! Plus you´re so wonderful at putting words to the photos- not that they need them though, but it makes the whole experience so much more….I especially liked picture number 2 from top and of course Mr. Oscar…just wanna snuggle snuggle with that puppy wawg…


  4. Delightful images Fi, which bring back happy memories of my all-too brief experiences of snow on the outskirts of Oxford, UK, many years ago. The shot of Oscar is captivating! Enjoy your week.


  5. Beautiful. I especially like your second shot called Snowy Tree. Did you deliberately shoot it in black and white, or is it due to the snowfall washing out all the colors from the frame?


  6. Ah. Beautiful thoughts, beautiful pictures.

    It was 70 degrees here today.

    A week ago, it snowed 9.5 inches. And then the next day, it was 50.

    People wore shorts this weekend.

    I love the snow.


  7. We have no snow here ( a Colorado winter without snow is so strange) so I truly love your pictures as I do love snow!
    A most beautiful post full of magical pictures!
    So love the photo of Oscar!
    Thank you! 🙂


  8. Ah. the bliss of finally getting snow! Not only does it re-awaken one’s childish dreams but it also covers a lot of man’s sins against nature and turns the earth into a place of wonder and each individual snow star into a blessing.


  9. Beautiful wintry images! I love Oscar covered in snow flakes. We had some snow too. I love your heart and your beautiful quote. Have a wonderful day.


  10. What a beautiful vision, so white and cool..I wish so much that I could look out of my window and see a covering of snow. I’m having a serious case of snow envy haha!


  11. A joy and excitement is coming from the first shots. What delicate and beautiful snow flowers on the leaves! I love the expression Oscar has on the face; so gentle, calm and contemplative. Quiet love and prayer fills the air in the last shot.


  12. Kate Bush has a new CD called 50 Words for Snow, the song to match would be a great background for your pictures!


  13. All of these are so very beautiful, and a reminder of just how wonderful winter can be.
    I absolutely LOVE the dog.
    Truly a magnificent photograph.


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