After long grey days of thirsting for colour,

I finally got my chance to run out in my nightie

And scare the neighbours while taking some frosted shots.

Oh, thank you for this glorious winter sunrise

In hues of purple and pink.

The frosting on the pier is as delicious

As the patterns of sleepy water and ice

Forming on the lake.

It’s the greyness of a mild winter

That helps us appreciate the colours more.

For more dazzling skies, please visit: Skywatch.

And Saturday Sareenity.


117 thoughts on “Sunr-ice

  1. What an exquisite selection of images Fi – the colours are awesome. I hope you had on some nice warm boots and a coat over your nightie! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Beautiful sunrise. I always marvel over the fact that pink, violet and lightblue hues define sunrise, while orange, yellow and red define sunsets. Nature is beautiful and you are a master at capturing this beauty.;)


  3. Gorgeous sunrise… Love the colors. We have had so much rain and dreary weather this week that it brings me joy to see your sunrise this morning… A cold front it coming through here today –with some snow flurries…. Brrrrrr.



  4. You’re absolutely right about the grayness of winter making us appreciate color… your sunr-ice shots are very beautiful & very colorful! Gotta love all that color, esp during winter!!! =)


  5. I would love to be your neighbour and watch you running out in the freezing cold in your nightie to take pictures…hahahahaha……I totally hear you about appreciating color after living through dark and grey winters….you capture the colors beautifully in these shots!


  6. These shots are pure magic. The frost and lovely colors go together so well. You remind me of myself. I frequently scare my neighbors as I dash out in my nightie to catch a shot.


  7. Will have to get one of those neighbours to follow you out some morning and sneak a shot!! lol
    I so agree that you can’t beat the winter ‘greyness’ to accentuate the colours. Nice work.


  8. That is stunning, but it certainly looks cold! We’re lucky with all the sunshine we get in the winter, but it can be frigid at times.


  9. The sky has come up with some unique hues this week. When I drive to work, I always wonder “Is anyone else seeing this? Do they notice even?” It makes me wonder why we don’t all pull over and stare in amazement.


  10. exquisite…I sometimes do the same thing…just throw my coat and boots on over my jammies…you have to be present to capture moments like these…a little therapy, and any neighbors awake at that hour will be just fine!


  11. I’m trying to imagine you being outside in your nighty 😀 but then I can’t walk outside when it’s 50 without my winter coat on. I’m a wimp and you are a hardy soul and will obviously sacrifice comfort for great pictures…which is a win win for us!


  12. Stunning colours in these photos! We had some snow the other day but it only stayed about 24h, and no ice on the lakes.

    * PS * Lady Fi, you are one of the three winners of my photo calendar, from my blog post ♥ 3rd Blogoversary Celebration ♥ (5th January on Beyond the Lone Islands). If you send me your name and address, I will get the calendar sent off to you as soon as possible. You will find my email on my Blogger profile. – Monica / DawnTreader


  13. I carry a mental picture of of your lake and when I most need calm, tranquility, and beauty, I am able to reproduce it in my mind’s eye. I’m adding this winter photo to my mind’s file right now! I only hope you added a coat over the nightie – looks chilly!


  14. I love the first and third captures! Just the way the snow has settled, and the water laps at the edges of the ice! And the colour!! OMG, the colour!!!


  15. once again…these are simply amazing…the way the pink, purple and blue blend is just so good to see. n its really hard to pick between these and ur recent post on the same setting but with snow. they’re all so good!

    and thank you for dropping by and contributing to Saturday Sareenity.


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