78 thoughts on “I’m sticking to you

  1. Well that clinches it…Oscar and Kelly must be twin souls. Kelly loves to pick up sticks, pine cones, and big balls of ice on her walks and then brings them home to chew on them!!! Great photo!!!


  2. Such a fun shot and Oscar is such a cutie! And a Facebook page!! Now, how cool is that!! If I show this to Sam Schnauzer, he’ll be wanting the same thing!! Hope you and Oscar both have a great weekend!



  3. Our darling 6 month old boxer, Izzy, brings at least one stick a day into the house through the doggie door.. sigh…. I wouldn’t mind except that she chews it and makes a VERY big mess on the area rug that I have to vacuum up. LOL


  4. Perfectly cute! Oscar is such a lovely canine friend! He shows his joys with all his body, Iโ€™ve loved to see that in your photography. Wish you and your family including Oscar a year of good health and mental wellbeing.


  5. I’ve seen this photo roll by in your banner and every time, it makes me smile. There is nothing that says “happy” so simply and thoroughly as a dog chewing on or running with a stick.


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