Of mist and rocks

At dawn, the old stone church  across the lake bathes in golden light —

Amazing to think that 800 years ago, someone looked at a pile of rocks

And saw how they could be transformed into something so much greater than the sum of their parts.

And as the sun sets,

Don’t ask what the meaning of the birdsong or the setting sun is,

Just enjoy the beauty and let them be.

For more loveliness, please visit: Skywatch.

105 thoughts on “Of mist and rocks

  1. These shots are absolutely stunning, poetic and enchanting. These are the sights that move us to tears…
    Lovely words as well, what a joy to come and visit here at all times.


  2. Oh, Fi! What a magnificent view of the church! Your words about the rocks reminded me of the character Tom Builder of Pillars of the Earth. Rocks weren’t just rocks to him… he saw Cathedrals in them. Beautiful post!


  3. You get to look at that every day? Of course, your photography does it great justice.
    How old is the building? A church, I presume.


  4. Just dropping by for my “lake fix.” Love to see the same scene and how it can change – you’ve “captured” both the change and the shift in time.


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