The gold at my fingertips

I have a confession to make: I’ve been longing for snow – or at least a hard frost.

This time last year, it was – 18 C with golden sunsets  in the middle of the afternoon.

(Here’s one of my favourite pictures from last winter.)

Lately, it’s been grey and foggy with bare branches glowing pink at dawn.

But, just as I’m about to feel very sorry for myself,

I take another look at this November’s early glowing sunset

And realize that…

… Sometimes it’s easy to miss the colours of the rainbow because you’re too busy looking for the pot of gold.

For more gold, please visit: Skywatch.


106 thoughts on “The gold at my fingertips

  1. I need to come up with a new word because beautiful doesn’t seem good enough to describe these shots
    the colors, the silhouettes, the reflections
    all stunning!!


  2. Whoa LadyFi, you amaze me with your captures.

    After an October snow storm, we have been white-free since. I hope you get yours before we do ours–I can enjoy your photos and not be shoveling here.


  3. Each image has its own charm and is stunning in its own way.;) Yes, I recall last year we were under a heavy snow blanket that lasted for months, highly unusual, at least for our latitudes.;)) Happy December to you,


  4. I must admit I wouldn’t mind a bit of snow myself, it’s heating up here way too fast, 36C I believe tomorrow! How amazing
    that Mother Nature can ‘dress’ the same scene in so many beautiful ways, love them all but the last is magic!!


  5. There are beautiful colors in these photos. It’s snowing at my house today, the third winter storm warning of the season, and fourth substantial snow!


  6. Very beautiful shots. I always enjoy the first frost. We’ve had frost but it isn’t sticking around very long in the morning so I’m not getting good frost shots. The main frozen thing I’m getting are my bird baths and they look more like glass when I dump them off. Same thing with leaves that freeze over when it rains all day and freezes at night. Reminds me more of glass on the leaves than frost.


  7. We have frost and freezing temperatures, but no snow. Luckily, there are Christmas lights up everywhere to brighten the dark nights.

    Your words are a good reminder to look for beauty everywhere. Your photographs are proof that you are well-versed in doing so!


  8. Well, aren’t you generous sharin’ your gold like that???

    Magnificent pictures sweetie, I just kept thinkin’…On Golden Pond!

    May God bless your day! :o)


  9. I think I know just how you feel. I keep it to myself that I’m wishing for snow, because for the most part I’m alone in that wish! I think there’s nothing more beautiful than winter’s landscapes. your photo is smashing! Happy SWF to you Fiona.


  10. Another delightful collection LadyFi. Such gorgeous, rich colours – and I agree with your comment about us often missing special treasures that are almost begging to be “tripped over”! Have a great weekend.


  11. These are gorgeous. Your sentiment hits home! So like that here. We have had strange warmth after our weird snowfall, and now November returns in time to be December! Bring on the white stuff, Mother Nature!


  12. Lovely words and your photos are just gorgeous. What a lovely sunset. I do not miss the snow, I would be happy if I never see snow. Great photos, happy skywatching!


  13. I know I sound like a broken record, but another OUTSTANDING set of photos! You have a spectacular eye for this. I’m so delighted to visit this blog – it sets me in a good mood every time I gaze at those inspiring photos. Thank you for sharing your work!


  14. With or without snow, you’ve captured some wonderful photos of some truly stunning skies and scenery! It’s wonderful that you see the beauty of all the different seasons and landscapes through the lens of your camera, and that you share them with us through your pictures and words. Thank you! (And I wish you a beautiful snowfall soon!) 🙂


  15. All these photos are so wondrous and beautiful, ladyfi. No matter how misty, blurred, or unexpectedly colored, the moment stays gold in our hearts if only realized its real beauty.


  16. I always find this kind of views to the same place so fascinating. the subtle changes in colours and seasons. The wintery one was definitely the ooh aah flashy in a silent way image but the others had almost as much to give too. Loved it.


  17. you are quite right ! we sometimes are blind for the beauty around us.. wouldn´t mind hard frost either.. can´t stand the rain !

    love your photos here !

    have a nice evening or maybe it´s morning for you : )


  18. Do you live in a magical place? Everything is so gray and colorless here. It’s difficult to get a photo that doesn’t look like it was taken black and white, rather than color. So I stop by here and take it all in and leave refreshed again… Thank you for the magic!


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