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The roses of November

November has been incredibly mild; buds are appearing on branches

And perfectly framed roses bring a splash of colour to the season.

Dewy mornings paint the roses

And golden leaves are the perfect backdrop.

But now, the branches are bare and one grey day succeeds the other.

We don’t have snow and light,

So I had to find them in the translucent petals of a rose

As soft as silken snowflakes.

Recently, the hunt for colour has become more difficult

As the sun hides behind its foggy veils.

Which is why I was found lying on the ground –

Causing my neighbour to ask me why I was photographing nettles.

Its flowers are as beautiful as any rose, don’t you think?

Even the humblest of objects have beauty if we take the time to look for it.

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Lessons from the leaves

Autumn is still hanging on here,

Dancing as much as it can

With the last few leaves so bright.

How beautifully leaves grow old.  How full of light and color are their last days.  ~John Burroughs

(Something for me to bear in mind with a birthday fast approaching…)

When Orange met Purple

When November startles you

With an orange sunburst in one direction —

And a graceful double moon

Admiring her purple beauty in the opposite direction,

Then all you have to do is wait

Until Nature combines the two colours in a final sunset flare

To create a masterpiece.

(And yes, that’s the indomitable Oscar swimming again!)

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Golden Y-ears

Last week was Oscar’s birthday

(He’s the dog)

And a gloriously frosty day.

The delicate inner ear of a rose

offered up its secret beauty.

Sunlight sparkled on the pink ears

Of a brave flower still in bloom.

We visited a thousand-year-old rune stone

Rising out of the ground like a tooth,

To remind us that these are the golden years,

The moments to seize, to bathe in,

To remember while they last.

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Puppy love

Many of you know my dog, Oscar, and have enjoyed the story of how we adopted him four and a half years ago.

A few days ago, this sweet-natured boy turned nine.

He fights off snakes in the summer by putting them in his mouth and throwing them into the water;

He swims no matter how cold it gets;

And best of all, he knows that everyone needs a good hug now and then.

(Have I told you he’s more of a lover than a fighter?)

I want you to stick around...

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Tickled pink

I’m not usually a big fan of pink.

But when Nature takes her paintbrush

And lights up the bowl of the sky with a rainbow of  pinks…

Well, who can resist?

And, judging by the looks of things,

I wasn’t the only one who was tickled pink

By the vibrancy of the sunset.

Who says November is always grey?

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Horsing around

It was one of those glorious autumn days

When the chill afternoon air turned

Breath to delicious smoke.

When my daughter met a new friend,

Isa, the New Forest Pony.

(The horse seems to be smiling, don’t you think?)

They rode into the sunlight

And round and round again,

While golden light – as thick as honey –

Made us thankful to feel alive.

(Sometimes you just have to hang onto that feeling of joy for as long as you can.)

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Skinny dipping

Nearly mid-November and a chill in the air.

Perfect weather for skinny dipping!

The moon slipped into the cool water with silver grace.

The dog looked longingly – in his familiar place – into the purple glow,

And gave into temptation —

Creating delicious ripples in the satin sheet of water.

In the last light of dusk,

A family of feathered beauties

Bathed in the purple moonlight.

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Ballet shoes

Autumn skies:

Sometimes, pumpkin-coloured;

Sometimes, grey.

Acting as a delicate background for long elegant leaves in high heels.

And when the sun shines,

Only delicate ballet shoes remain —

A reminder that renewal can be found in endings.

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Sunlit sparks

The much-maligned dandelion:

Humble, yet unnoticed in its beauty.

Yet when covered in glorious dew

Each feathered seed is alive

Shining like a jewel,

A small spark of sunlight.

To remind us that what we call weeds are, in fact, beautiful flowers.

(Same could be said of most people too.)

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