Golden ears

A late summer evening —

The saffron sunset glows

On the textured silk of the lake

Inviting reflection and calm in all –

Except the dog, who ears forward,

Is looking forward to a late-night dip.

For more sunsets. please visit: Skywatch.

Hooking up with Weekend Reflections and Camera Critters too. (It’s a busy weekend so I’ll be posting again on Monday. Have a spook-tacular Halloween!)

120 thoughts on “Golden ears

  1. Wow!! What a gorgeous image! I love the ripples and reflections in the water, yet the dog, with those beautiful ears, is the star of the show!! (And so it should be!)


  2. I always expect to find something “stunning” when I come by your post, and I have never been disappointed yet. Beautiful photo and “saffron sunset glows on the textured silk of the lake”—wow, beautiful wording. Have a wonderful weekend. Mickie 🙂


  3. Fi – I’m reading Oscar’s mind and he wants to cannonball that duck! Love how you captured the duck’s circular wake along with Oscar’s silhouette.


  4. Positively exquisite capture Lady Fi – such stunning colours! I expect Oscar will soon be “soaking it all in” – in more ways than one! Have a great weekend.


  5. “Golden ears” — I love it! Yes, Oscar does look like he’s about to jump in. He’s such a wonderful dog. I’m sure there’s seldom a dull moment with him around.
    Beautiful photo, Fi, with one bird swimming, and another in the upper right distance, flying.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel


  6. Underbara kort du har här, vackert att titta runt och njuta. Bee är mer bi och det du visar har under är bumblebees, men skäerligen säger man också bee -vacker på Echinasernas rosa färg!


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