The warmth of early October brought out the bees.


(even with hairy legs),


With fragile wings sitting atop a throne of flowers,

And bee-draggled in the rain,

But still clinging onto the petal, onto life

Like a gorgeous jewel.

Bee-ware more stories at: Our World.

89 thoughts on “Bee-dazzled

  1. Gorgeous captures of your and the bees beautiful world! I bet no one teases him about his hairy legs!! We gals should be as lucky! Love the colors! Hope your week is off to a great start, Lady Fi! Enjoy! So glad to have you a part of the Our World team! Thank you!



  2. That first photo is gorgeous. Love the colors and light….and the furry friend. Reminds me of the verse in the book of Sirach….The bee is small among flying creatures, but her product is the best of sweet things.


  3. I always feel such awe when I come over here!
    (And I love the hairy legs…glad to know they can beeuutiful;))
    Thank you for such lovely captures…these made my day!


  4. What a surprise! I let out an “OH!!!” when I saw the first shot! The color! The bee! THE RISK!! Yeah, I still remember that bee post from last year…


  5. ladyfi,
    It is difficult to find any words to express these stunning photos!
    In the first one, the bee looks like sleeping peacefully on a pillow. How cute! What is it dreaming?
    Best wishes,


  6. Hi there – what a great bee – we have a hive at the end of the street – so bees a plenty at present as the days warm up.

    Have plans in mind to try to get so pictures of platypus – will keep you and the world posted!



  7. I’m surprised that the weather hasn’t changed yet. I was expecting snow, not a beautiful flower with a bee hanging on when it’s almost November. Gorgeous shots.


  8. Oh sweetie, I’m definitely sittin’ here totally bejeweled!!!! What a most marvelous shot!

    God bless ya and have yourself a terrific Tuesday sweetie!!! :o)


  9. two favorite things – bees and coneflowers! you’ve captured the magic and awe of nature. one of the things I love about coneflowers is feeling that hard, bristly center. great shots Fiona. happy day to you!


  10. Brilliant! Love your words and the photos are just beautiful, colourful, so real. Thank you and have a lovely and shiny week-end!


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