Another very early morning.

No sky to speak of.

Shrouds of mist that suddenly part to reveal

The dim figures of birds.

I can’t see anything. Fumble with the lens cap

And then just shoot where I can vaguely make out

A feathered soul floating in the sky.

It’s only when I upload my photos that I realize

The camera and heron worked in harmony

To give me the gift of these magically misty shots.

Sometimes not having a sky can be a gift in itself.

For clearer skies, please visit: Skywatch.

98 thoughts on “Mist-ical

  1. Your pictures are as always beautiful – I really like the mystery that comes with the early morning darkness and these birds with their long wings extending in the sky.


  2. Such breathtakingly lovely captures! I do love the misty days/mornings! I always look forward to your captures and I’m never disappointed! So glad to have you as a team member! Have a beautiful weekend! Enjoy!



    1. I saw a blur of something and by the time I took off the lens cap, I really wasn’t sure where it was. I just tried to focus on the blur and then snapped about 8 shots.


  3. These are absolutely stunning, love these captures, they have an aura of enchantment about them.) indeed, the best in life is often unexpected.))
    Have a great weekend,


  4. You know Fi, it´s when you don´t except to get anything you usually get the best things…and these shots were absolutely fabulous!!! Well done!


  5. You’ve captured mystery with your lens. I just love mist – we rarely have it at altitude. I like the aura it lends – like a dreamscape. I often think of you Fi and your magical landscape. Stay well.


  6. I always know I am going to find “something wonderful” when I click on your blog. Beautiful photo–sometimes magical things just happen. Have a lovely weekend. Mickie 🙂


  7. I can see why you have so many comments! I love the feel in these shots and the post above. They are so very different and yet both are about feelings. Truly poetry without words. This is the kind of thing I aim for.


  8. if you wanted more clarity, I’d recommend using the auto-tone feature in photoshop. though sometimes it makes images noisy.


  9. You know you are something else, right? I can’t imagine anyone going out on a day like this to shoot photos. But you go and nail it with unbelievable shots… and to top it off the words… well… ONLY YOU can do this!


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