The dragonflies of summer

The dragonflies of summer grace us with their presence for such a short, sweet time:

A sister with sunlit neck,

A jewel with golden wings,

The bitter-sweet shimmer of beauty glimpsed

Uplifting us for a second

Before it – like summer – starts fading into the blue.

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69 thoughts on “The dragonflies of summer

  1. Beautiful hues of blue, almost iridescent. The dragon flies are everywhere here too, particularly as we have had some warmer days recently.
    Always enjoy your stunning photography.;)


    1. I upped the saturation two notches to bring out the details on the dragonflies… And to give the photos that summery feeling that I myself was feeling on this golden afternoon.


      1. the high saturation created a different feeling on the photo. If you´ve used Black & White, for couldn´t express your sentiment. Well done!!!
        By the way, Fiona, the filter would create that effect easily…if you photograph in RAW


  2. the dragonflies zip around in late summer like a reminder: do what you want to do. i think the vast majority of dragonflies we see in late summer will not fly again in spring. rich, colorful shots, as usual. you captured late summer perfectly.


  3. Beautiful! We usually have many dragonflies in summer, but we only saw one this year. We’re hoping they’re not done for by some terrible invisible chemical, and we’ll see them back again next year.


  4. Hello, Ladyfi
    Oh, I love the last photo especially. You can frame it and decorate a wall with it. Delicate elegance is flying over the shining blue water. How beautiful it is!! I love the wings of a dragonfly which are fragile beauty like very fine stained-glass. Have a wonderful week!
    Best wishes,


  5. These dragonflies are so lovely.
    We have lots of fireflies in my hometown.
    You can hire a boat to see them by the river banks.
    But photography is not allowed.
    Those fireflies do not like flashy light.
    Anyway, it’s very difficult to take night pictures when the boat is moving.


  6. Wonderful end-of-summer images. Our world is finally edging towards autumn, it was quite cool this weekend (for the first time in months).


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