Shake it, shake it – baby!



Wet dog.

This is my favourite kind of shake! What’s yours?

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57 thoughts on “Shake it, shake it – baby!

  1. Lady Fi, I am shaking it also, but for a completely different reason, LOL. Love this pic of Oscar, he is as always adorable.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


  2. OH I know this shake. Once a long time ago my dog did that in a friends house. I felt terrible.
    Have a good weekend


  3. Personally I´m kinda into milkshakes…although the doggy shake is a very close second 😉 Especially when it´s done by such a cutie as your golden boy and much better for my arse then a milkshake!! ;-))


  4. Actually it would have to have chocolate in to start and……
    ever tried to catch a shot of a dog shaking off excess water? Especially with a sun-filled background? Fun!


  5. I love this capture… love how vibrance on the image and how active it all looks. the tiny droplets of water that you grabbed add a lot of detail to the image. Beautiful. thanks for commenting on my blog. Rishi


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