Butterflies of joy

Beautiful butterfly

Shining like mother of pearl

A painting of fleeting delicacy

Poised to fly to freedom

Through the silver rain —

Reminding me that joy comes when you least expect it

And that transformation can lead to great beauty.

For more loveliness, please visit: The Creative Exchange and Communal Global.

Sadly, My World is not continuing but I’d like to continue documenting the small unseen miracles of life here anyway. Rest in peace Klaus Peter.

72 thoughts on “Butterflies of joy

  1. —And Lady, Fi, what a wonderful world you have 🙂
    “Reminding me that joy comes when you least expect it.”
    isn’t that whtat butterflies are like? Floating by with their fire orange & lemon yellow at the most
    unexpected times?!
    PS. your children are beautiful.


  2. Beautiful words and stunning, poignant images to complement your thoughts.
    I heard about the passing of Klaus on a another page, he must be dearly missed…


  3. I’ve been reading about butterflies lately…how they’re a good omen. While running on trails recently, I saw dozens of butterflies. I intend to add a few to a tattoo on my shoulder. Your children are beautiful.


  4. Ooh..la..la!! I love them all but the portrait of the anklebiters! (I’ve always wondered why you call them that!) WHOA!! Totally pro! Did you get a new lens by chance?


    1. Anklebiters is a common name for kids in some parts of the world. j

      Thanks for your kind comment. No new lens – just a bit of a sepia tint to bring out the eyes.


  5. the first couple are so cool…just a glimpse and rather mysterious…butterflies are sky dancers and bring much beauty…as do kids…great snap of them as well!


  6. wow, I am loving your blog..you are so talented! I especially love the butterfly against the silvery rain as you put it…simply gorgeous….also in love with those beautiful smiling faces! 🙂


  7. How beautiful, beautiful and beautiful these images are!!!!!! And a butterfly against the silver rain is fabulous. And a portrait is so special and so unique. You have a very beautiful imagination and a great talent.

    I am very impressed and touched by these amazing pictures.

    Greetings from Kaya.


  8. I love these shots, especially that first very unique butterfly photo. And you definitely have a talent for photographing children!


  9. I wasn’t aware that MY World isn’t continuing anymore I still have a post today.

    I have to find somehting to do on my MOndays. Hope your week goes smoothly for you.


  10. Very beautiful butterfly pictures ! I haven’t seen one in ages

    I have a post for “My World” I am sure somebody will take it over, maybe under another name.


  11. These photographs are wonderful, and what beautiful children you have!

    Thank you so much for sharing these today at The Creative Exchange.

    Sending you wishes for a beautiful Tuesday!



  12. Wonderful and heart-warming. Thank you!

    Some of us who host MWT were surprised to see our names signed to a note on the blog that MWT would be ending. We feel strongly that it should continue. We will have to create a new blog because we were stripped of access to showyourworld.blogspot.com. We will get it together over the next few weeks. Please keep posting!


  13. Those moments of joy are perfect. I think many of those who posted to My World will continue to post in this way each week — and think of him and the work he (and the other hosts) did to make that meme such fun.

    Your kids are growing up! Adorable picture of them (although I doubt they would like that word.)


  14. Exquisite and very sharp focus, a delight to look into these butterflies. Beautiful portraits, I love the colors and the serenity and joy of the eye.


  15. These are not technical/botanical pictures of butterflies. These are poetic images and I truely love them!!


  16. Lovely photo’s and beautiful children. We haven’t seen too many butterflies here this year, and they never stay still long enough for me to catch them with my camera!


  17. A few weeks ago a butterfly flew into our open kitchen window and made his way all the way upstairs to my bedroom…. it was such an adventure to follow him around as he discovered our house….
    then after a few minutes, he found his way out the upstairs window…
    but for those few minutes, I felt like I was in the presence of something amazing.


  18. Joy comes when you least expect it… when you have beauty in your heart… and you do. Unique butterfly macros and your children are a delight to see… their love for you radiates from their smiles.


  19. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! What a post!!! It’s wonderful and I wasn’t expecting the last truly wonderful shot!! And wow, how one summer can transform kids… Yes, so much change like with butterflies!! 🙂


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