86 thoughts on “Blue silk

  1. Beautiful beyond words. The colour combination is truly unique. Nature is the most talented artist.;) And you are a great photographer.;)


  2. How blue is that then?…….. (no I don’t want a dress that clolour!) Wouldn’t mind a shirt though?…..:)

    Thank you for sharing a piece of your world!….:)


  3. I love your beautiful northern skies, Fi, especially the photos with Oscar in them.
    I’m looking forward to re-experiencing the skies of northern Russia when we get home in a few days, and posting some of my husband’s best shots on my blog.
    — K


  4. Such a lovely scene. And you captured some beauties in the previous post. I’m glad you pointed out the laughing man… it was a day-brightener, as was the little boy.


  5. The colors in this photo look almost unreal ….very beautiful. Oscar in his serenity looks very real, and very beautiful.


  6. I love blue color and this blue is so special like beautiful silk cloth as you say. It reminds me of Japanese silk “kimono”. I wish Oscar could see these enchanting colors even with not the same intense or spectrum as we see. This is one of my favorites among all your wonderful posts. Have a happy weekend.



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