S is for Summer…

… S is for the social butterflies that gather by the lake.

(Look to the left of the photo – I love the joy of that man laughing.)

… For the serenity of another dazzling sunset.

… And for skipping stones in pajamas on a warm summer night.

For more summer (or winter) shots, please visit: My World.

67 thoughts on “S is for Summer…

  1. Oh so stunning. Such a poetic and foremost romantic imagery. Scandinavian summers are truly beautiful, so full of light and pristine beauty.


  2. –Lady, Fi,
    Everytime I come over here…I get a little emotional. The beauty. The sun sets. The honey colored skies. The man laughing. The poetry. The puppies with grey hair. All of it 🙂 thank you. xx


  3. I love the man laughing! Of course, I love all your marvelous captures, ladyfi! They are such a beautiful way to start my day! So much delightful beauty in your world! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your week!



  4. the skipping stones photo is utterly majestic. it doesn’t say summer, it feels summer.
    hope you are having a great one… onto see more summer shots of yours:)


  5. I like them all, but that first photo is fantastic. The silhouettes of the trees, people, and motorcycle, with that gorgeous natural backdrop, make for a perfect composition.


  6. Wow! WoW-WoW! I Always sa it when I visit your site. My human says he’ love to see what you would do with some of the scenes he sees in the outdoors here. Of course, its tough to make a gator like the one on my last post look pretty no matter what! Still it would be neat to see what you’d do.


  7. Nice form with the stone skipping. Our summers have always included this great way to spend times–we even know which places around us have the best stones for the most jumps.


  8. I think I have to look at your beautiful pictures the whole day, because nothing outside my window indicates that we are in summer ! It rains and it’s cold !


  9. Gorgeous captures as always in your world. The little spontaneous moments that often go unnoticed are sometimes the very best. I love the perfect ripple that the boy has made in the water. What a perfect shot for him and for you, too!


  10. Stunning photos by the lake! I love this kind of colors in the sky.

    Happy blogging anniversary, I scrolled all the way down to feast my eyes on your fantastic photos..


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