71 thoughts on “Jumping for joy

  1. Hi!
    Oh that leaves me smiling!
    What a great shot ~ this would make a fabulous poster!
    J O Y
    is the theme!

    *happy weekend to you*


  2. Sky, sunset, water, reflectrion, shadow–you’ve got it all. Beautiful photo–yes, I’d say your “mission was accomplished”! Have a lovely weekend. Mickie 🙂


  3. this is price-winning shot. I love it.

    About commenting. When I comment in Explorer it is black on black. Now I opened Google chrome and it is white text on black background. Strange!
    Have a great weekend even if they promise rain. 🙂


  4. Hi Lady Fi, this is a wonderful action shot, with her silhouetted against that sunset sky! so playful. happy SWF, and thanks for the birthday wishes too!


  5. What a great photo of beauty and unbridled joy! And what a sweet thing for your niece to wish to do ~ enjoy a beautiful sunset. I think she must have the soul of a poet. 🙂 I hope you’ll both enjoy many more beautiful skies and wonderful times together during her month there with you!, and thank you both for sharing this special moment with the rest of us.


  6. HI, Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog post today… Losing a great friend is very hard –but I know that she is out-of-pain now and in a better place… BUT–I will miss her terribly.

    That picture is fabulous… Sunsets make me jump for joy also!!!!


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