Invisible beauty

It’s hard to believe that this horse arrived at my friend’s ranch only a few months ago

Uncared for, unloved, coat and mane matted

And with a sad sad look in his eye.

With love and attention he blossomed into this beauty —

A treasure that went unrecognized

Because he only has one good eye

And an empty socket where the other one used to be.

Luckily, he’s in the safe loving hands of someone whose heart recognized his inner beauty.

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. — Kahil Gibran

For more treasures, please visit: Camera Critters.

61 thoughts on “Invisible beauty

  1. What a beauty, sad to know about the eye.

    You know Horse along with dogs are possibly the most loyal animals, leave them anywhere but they come back to their master, it must have been a very sad moment for this horse to leave his original master (whatever may be the reason) but as they say when one door closes another opens.


  2. it breaks my heart to learn of animals that have been mistreated and I know it goes on all the time. each one that is rescued is a joy. lovely photos of this dignified beautiful creature.


  3. Unbelievably heart wrenching… but I’m so glad he’s being taken care of now. My mom does the same thing… someone will rescue a horse from “the bad people” & bring the poor thing to my mom where she nurses them back to health. She has one named Sugar right now & boy is she a beauty!!! =)


  4. Good to hear he now has a loving home. There are so many stories like this one – more often, here, I come across dogs rather than horses with sad histories, and by the time I meet them they are happy and learning to trust their new people.


  5. I am so glad the horse has found the love of a caring home. Your special talent is finding beauty that is both visible and invisible to many of us.


  6. I’ve been horse-crazy since I was 8 and read Black Beauty. Reading this brings tears to my eyes, just imagining what he went through before. He’s truly gorgeous now! Kudos to your friend and her gracious heart!


  7. If we cannot care for the very least of God’s creatures, how can we learn to care for ourselves? I cannot fathom those who neglect or abuse animals and birds. Blessings to your friends. I am sure this little beauty will regain his spirit.


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