Flight of souls

Is there anything more peaceful, more spiritually uplifting

Than feathered hope taking wing?

If you could untie your wings and free your soul, you and everyone around you would fly up like doves. — Rumi

For more serenity, please visit: Skywatch.

And if you love water, please check out Jillsy’s latest challenge!

77 thoughts on “Flight of souls

  1. The colours of the first photo are exquisite! I like these soft pastel colours. Your photos are stunning, all of them!! Thanks for supporting Unicef.


  2. “Feathered hope taking wing”…. beautiful words to go along with beautiful photos- what a great combination to wake up to! Thank you, Fi!


  3. The colors are great- the blue and gold on water and sky… Well done! And text well suited for the pictures!
    Thanks for giving a lovely sunset to my cloudy day!


  4. the light on that water is divine. these photos transport me to a higher realm! well there, I’ve answered the question. exquisite, Lady Fi!


  5. Those are stunning photos, and definitely uplifting. Although I don’t have anything like that near me, I love it when I’m working in the yard and I see one of the many types of birds taking flight.


  6. Wow, wow, wow! Just a wonderful scene beautifully captured — I love that you caught the reflections of TWO birds in flight; while the third one is waiting on the dock for clearnce to take off — lol — brava!!!!


  7. I love watching the birds, but there’s something so calming about sitting by the water, regardless, and you’ve captured that so well.


  8. Every time I visit your blog I’m wowed with the incredible photos. Both the Geezer and I love seeing what’s next.


  9. These images are absolutely poetic. I can feel the atmosphere pf absolute silence and almost enchantment standing in the spot you stood capturing this flawless moment in time… Thnak you also for your comment today – so RIGHT you are.;)) You also completely got the sentiment I tried to convey.;)


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