Spring goofiness

Spring brings out the goofy side of us in a wonderful way, don’t you think?

It can make our ears flap and our bodies tingle.

If you’re a dog like Oscar, then spring means only one thing: wild jumping and swimming.

Find a good diving spot, take the plunge, swim and repeat.

Again and again – for maximum joy.

For more goofiness, please visit: Camera Critters.

56 thoughts on “Spring goofiness

  1. Your dog has the energy of two when it comes to water, it seems! I know a man in Florida whose Labrador can’t swim (sad long story). Oscar could teach her a thing or two!!! (Although she is happy- just sad prior homelife).


  2. I would love nothing more then the simplicity of a dog´s life….the utter joy in simple things and only concern is when is dinner….what a wonderful life!


  3. Maximum joy and goofiness sound good to me, Lady Fi!! Fun photos of your sweet dog. Oh, and every time I see that Emerson quote in your header I think, yes, that’s really what it is: beauty perceived is a reflection of your heart.


  4. What a playful set of photos.;) We sure can learn a lot about the joy of simple pleasures from the canine.;))
    Hope you are having a lovely Sunday,


  5. Beautiful photos of Oscar, my favorite is wonderful the second. If beauty is within us and we must develop in order to perceive the beauty of what is outside. Greetings.


  6. Lovely pics! Love the third pic! Oscar seems to
    wonder if the water is hot enough to get inside;o) Like I would;o)
    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice and happy week¤


  7. My dog Java sure misses having a place to swim like that. It was always so much fun to watch her and try to capture those lovely shaking moments. I love that shot!


  8. Oscar ser alltid så lycklig ut med det han håller på med och det gör mig glad att titta på bilderna.


  9. I will add my comments to the end…I think God created dogs to show us how to enjoy every moment of life with exuberance and unabashed joy. Mine has taught me so many life lessons and now that she is older, a very, very important one. Pace yourself and take lots of naps.


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