69 thoughts on “Angel dust

  1. As much as I love the long and luxurious days of summer, you are right there is “something magical about the light of spring.” Great pictures!


  2. I’m lovin’ the ‘Angel Dust’ you’ve captured in those most awesome pictures. ‘Sure brightened my day! Thanks!!! :o)

    Have a blessed and beautiful day sweetie!!!


  3. >It dances in the air like golden angel dust

    Ah, you mean dancing pollen? 😉
    Pollen grains from London plane trees are everywhere now.
    They make me choke sometimes.


  4. Gorgeous captures as well as words…a great way to start out my day…thank you for sharing…and thank you for your words of encouragment and kindess on my recent posts…I appreciate your continued friendship and support. Blessings. XX


  5. There is something magical about spring air and sunshine. I’ve been in a such a good mood lately with our lovely spring days and I credit that spring magic for it.


  6. great shots

    Fiona, are u getting to comment on BLOGGER blogs?

    I am trying since last night and nothing happens…I don´t know if BLOGGER platform is on maintenance…
    Nice day

    I like the photos of Valborg


  7. STUNNING photos Fi, really loved that first photo…it does look like golden pixie dust spread across the entire scenario….lovely!!


  8. Oh yes! I can smell those grills on the cliffs from here 🙂 These are just beautiful. I can even see the leaves vibrating and shimmering in the light.


  9. There is something magical about those images. They are gorgeous, the light almost reminds me of late summer evenings…

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


  10. Hi there – splendid pictures, I like “into the sun” shots, even if you dont always knoe what you are gping to get.

    I took my post down during the chaos of Friday (blogger fell over – should be with wordpress!) – its back up now – but the link from FS wont work anymore – you could visit from this comment if you want to!

    Cheer Stewart M – Australia


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