Humble reeds

Have you noticed the way water reflects the sky

As blue silk

Or how the sky lends even unnoticed reeds

A golden glory that is all their own?

One of the miracles of nature is the fact that even

The humblest of places are filled with beauty.

Just as in life.

For more humble beauty, please visit: Skywatch.

80 thoughts on “Humble reeds

  1. The don’t look humble at all – what a beautiful reflection. And a reminder to us all to look beyond the obvious. Again you have wowed me with your wonderful eye. Though that pier looks naked without Oscar 🙂


  2. It is with stillness of soulness and the watchful eye that we see beauty. So many rush on by and miss it. A camera by the side means the eye is ever watchful for the moment that is waiting the captured moment. You always have the touch no matter the time of day or the place!


  3. I never noticed water reflections until I stated photography. Now I can spot them from a mile away. Your third photo is my favorite. I like the overall composition best, and how the dock leads you into the photo.


  4. You certainly have an eye for seeing the beauty that we mere mortals walk past every day without noticing. Thanks for capturing it! 🙂


  5. I always depend on you to find the humble beauty and then share it, Fi. I see the lake is free of ice now. Has winter lost its grip on you?


  6. Such beuatiful sentiments that resonates so within me. To me the simple is beuatiful, as beauty is so many things in my eyes.
    You captured the essence of simple beauty so well with both words and images.
    On another note, wanted to mention to you how accurate you were in your perception about me and Phoenix.;) A few weeks back I wrote a piece about it and will post it on Monday.
    Have a lovely weekend dear F,


  7. Such beautiful photos and wonderful sentiments. I am soothed each time I visit your site, and am reminded of how much beauty there is to be found in simple things once we stop our busyness and simply appreciate our sense of being.

    This makes a lovely start to the weekend…:)

    Imagination Lane


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