Shaking rainbows

The summer cottage that we have hired for six months was drenched in sun.

(Perhaps I should just clarify that Oscar is looking for his Kong!)

So imagine our surprise when we went to the little beach and discovered big blocks of ice still floating in the bay.

But that didn’t stop Oscar, the dog, from taking the plunge

And shaking icy rainbows of joy all over us.

No need to ask if the water is cold.

We move to the jetty to enjoy the sun and the view.


Oh oh – here he comes again!

Hope you all had a lovely holiday!

For more great pics, please visit: My World!

76 thoughts on “Shaking rainbows

  1. I can´t believe your daughter was out there barefoot!!! BRRRR!!! Dogs do a lot of things I wouldn´t do….swimming in icy water is one and smelling each other´s rear end is another….hahahaha….dogs are dogs, people are people!!!
    Looks like a lovely holiday place, so lucky you are to have it for six months!!! Bet you will spend a lot of time there!!


  2. What a lovely cottage! I’m sure you’ll spent a great time there. Love the young lady’s close-up and the circles in the water.


  3. Warm sunshine and cold water – perfect combo! Love that last photo – I’ve had that same look on my face (‘uh-oh! wet dog approaching!)


  4. What an idyllic spot. You have forest and water – the very best of two worlds, especially on a sunny day. Everyone looks so relaxed and happy – especially the furry family member 🙂


  5. The transitioning of seasons can cool little feet when ice remnants remain from a long cold winter. But everyone looks to be having fun with the sun shining overhead. 🙂


  6. The sun certainly looks warm — it’s too bad the water wasn’t. All of the pictures are wonderful, but I really like the picture of Oscar shaking himself off. Very well done!


  7. I smiled to imagine what happened next to the last photo…. with a drenched dog. Warm sunshine and cold water, what a perfect combination to stimulate us!


  8. Underbara bilder!! Nu saknar jag Sverige… Du klarar alltid fånga stunden så vackert! Undrar vad du skulle göra med kameran om du kom ner hit?
    Varma hälsningar från Afrika!


  9. Nice to discover you on my blog after the gathering with Gattina! You have a nice blog! The summer cottage looks so nice and the area too! A lot of fun around the bay!


  10. What a couragious dog, lol ! I hope you didn’t get too wet when he shaked the water off his fur, lol ! and we have 25°C so unusual for Belgium in April !


  11. Your blog is just stunning! I haven’t visited in some time, and look at all I’ve missed! I’m amazed and how much you communicate with so few words and your gorgeous photography. Thank you for adding such beauty and humanity to our world!


  12. Oscar the dog looks like he’s having a great time, and so do the kids. That ice would keep me in shoes and on dry land, but think what I’d be missing.

    Love your rotating header photos, too – and Oscar the dog’s flying leap in the previous post.


  13. Hi There, Thanks for coming back to my blog… I know you came some in 2010 –but haven’t seen you around in awhile. Anyhow—come back anytime. I am enjoying yours.

    Love that cottage. I’d enjoy spending a summer in a cottage like that. Beautiful pictures of your daughter –and doggie.



  14. Love that last photo..what a dog your Oscar is! Are you at the cottage just on should be out in a few more looks like a lovely place..are you going to show us inside..I already love the outside:)


  15. Oh, how I have enjoyed this post!! It’s full of life and light…and well…yes, cold doggy water!! Fi, I love your daughter’s smile! I also
    love the look in her face, as she can’t get up fast enough seeing Oscar charging at her.AWESOME!


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