50 thoughts on “Jump

  1. Fiona, what a brilliant shot! I have to say that Oscar always cracks me up – he’s just wonderful. My dog is supposed to have been bred to fetch ducks from the water, but she didn’t get that memo. She LOATHES water and gets distressed even if her delicate paws step in a puddle. Hopeless!


  2. You sure Oscar isn’t Scottish? I’ve never seen people more able to swim and frolic in waters so cold that most people wouldn’t even dip their toes into.


  3. I love this pic. Oscar is setting a great example for all of us. For me though, the water looks so cold that I could probably jump in and get out so fast that I wouldn’t even get wet.


  4. That’s a lovely, active shot, Oscar at full stretch, gleaming golden in the sunshine. And an ice floe to remind us that it’s not high summer yet!


  5. Yeah yeah — I agree it’s a great action shot and Oscar is a role model for us all.

    But I am amazed to see your beautiful daughter in shorts! Girl, there’s an ice floe in that water. (I know…cold is relative…and it does look beautiful and bright blue out there.. and she is young….I get it. But it still looks to me like she’d freeze to death .
    ooo Signed/ Ancient old great grandmother, whose Swedish blood has completely thinned out through living in subtropical climates ;>)


  6. Fantastisk bild! Oscar ser lycklig ut och man gläds med honom. I sanning en bild att återvända flera gånger till.


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