Sipping from the cup of sunlight

At last!

The spring sun made the buds shine like pearls

In the pure blue of the sky

And turned the tulips into bowls of sunshine.


“The sun admitted…

I wish I could show you,
When you are lonely or in darkness,

The astonishing Light

Of your own Being!” — Hafiz

For more sunlight, please visit: Skywatch.

95 thoughts on “Sipping from the cup of sunlight

  1. All the snow and ice has disappeared? Can’t believe it happened so quickly. Oh, enjoy those early spring wonders…


  2. Your pussywillow and tulips are lovely, and what an exquisite description–bowls of sunshine, buds shine like pearls—wonderful. Have a lovely day. Mickie 🙂


  3. Fiona, Now, I am in peace with the springtime….hahahahah

    to those who were born in a tropical country like me…..oh!!!!when the spring comes to Sweden, I dont want to so anything at all..only….admirate the nature…
    congrats for the shots and also to be the guest of Skywatcher this weekend.
    nice day


  4. Thank you for hosting Sky Watch today, Ladyfi! Love you capture as always! And this one is the perfect picture for spring! I love the buds against the blue skies! Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend!



  5. You capture the all defining light so very well.For me too, light is the essence of all things as it defines all that is.

    Your burning grasses are enchanting.


  6. Wow, gorgeous skies and lovely tulips. Fantastic images. Congrats on being guest host. I also love the guest photo too. Happy skywatching.


  7. Beautiful post. We had pussy willows and tulips in Oregon but it is too hot here (no winter, no spring). Bill thinks it is a good tradeoff — I love it here, but I miss the spring flowers.

    Congratulations on being SWF host. There couldn’t be a better one.


  8. There is so much freshness and beauty to take in during springtime ~ the words and photos are beautiful reminders ~ Thank you*


  9. Pussy Willows…another harbinger of spring…Sophie spotted some in her latest post and said….OK Ron…take a picture of me.
    Tulips in the garden,
    Tulips in the park,
    The best two lips I know of,
    Are the two in the dark.

    Sorry this goes back 40+ years with a dear school mate! wink wink


  10. I am so happy for you. Our daughter (in Oregon) talked about their pussy willows in late February — so I guess our old climate is about 2 months ahead of yours. I love both the pussy willows and tulips and daffodills and I miss them, b/c it is too hot here in Florida for the usual Spring flowers.


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