I can hardly believe it but my ‘baby’ boy is 8!

It seems only yesterday he was a round baby who didn’t want to leave my side.

He’s still quite shy and doesn’t like being in the limelight.

But once you get to know him, he’s a generous and loyal friend.

And a peacemaker, apparently.

A few weeks ago, a gang of boys at school were getting ready to chase and attack another group of boys.

Anklebiter #2 and his friends linked arms and started singing, “We want peace on earth!”

This startled the kids so much that they stopped in their tracks and decided to resolve their argument by talking instead.

Oh, the things we can learn from our kids!

But what I love most is his compassion and humour.

There’s never a dull moment here at home!

Edit: No real cockroaches were harmed… this is a big plastic one on his head!

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74 thoughts on “Peacemaker

  1. Well, the bug was a bit of a jolt! I would imagine you were startled by it… lol.

    I remember when my son was 8 and now he’s 13 and quite a young man. It happens so fast!! Enjoy every minute of his childhood (which I have no doubt your already do!)- having a 23 & 20 yr. old, I am far more aware of how great those years are and how much you miss them when they’re adults.


  2. I love that silhouette of him – beautiful. you’re truly blessed to have such a wise charmer. those eyes in the last photo are so expressive – fantastic! have a great week Lady Fi.


  3. He is obviously an old soul. The planet certainly needs more like him. I can’t help believing he also gets a lot of his gentle spirit from you, too, my friend.

    And my Lord, what is that on that child’s head?


  4. Eight year old boys are so much fun – I won’t tell you to appreciate it while you can because I know you already know to treasure this time. He sounds like a beautiful soul, and I’m sure not just a little of that comes from being your son! Happy birthday to AB#2!


  5. Anklebiter #2 made great use of the technique of Distraction I’ve often seen parents employ with children. Just goes to show you don’t know how much you’re teaching them!


  6. He is gorgeous…. a real good looker and I was going to save a brave boy with that cockroach……. but then I saw it wasn’t real!
    I love that silhouette picture of him!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May


  7. Fi, these are wonderful photos of your son. It’s hard to pick a favorite. I like the reflection and the silhouette, but his eyes in the last really tell a story about his personality!


  8. He is beautiful and he looks just like my boys and they obviously have the same heritage! What a wonderful young man he is and I’m sure having you as a mother has helped. I have so enjoyed the pics of your family — when you have posted them. You have every right to be very proud — he is the result, in part, of your parenting. Have a beautiful week — both of you.



  9. We have to raise our children to know compassion and empathy for others. Your son seems to have found that part of his heart. What a great thing that is to discover in a child.


  10. He is a handsome and mature 8-year old! Good job Mom and Dad!!

    We have real cockroaches here in Florida and, nature lover that I am, I would still be quite OK with if one WERE harmed for any reason. (In fact we have a man with a sprayer come round every quarter to do that — on purpose!) Thank goodness that was just a plastic one there on your son’s head.


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