Kisses from heaven

You can rant against the snow

Or say that they are kisses from heaven.

In which case, I consider myself well and truly kissed this winter.

In farewell to the snowy season, I’m posting one of my favourite winter shots that sums up – for me – the magic and beauty of the season.

A perfect snowflake glittering on a branch

And a blackbird in the background singing in the cold regardless.

Not a bad way to approach life.

For more birdsong, please visit: Camera Critters.

51 thoughts on “Kisses from heaven

  1. Another wonderful photo. I’m glad you mentioned the blackbird or I would have missed it – it’s like a shadow in the distance. And how great that you and the blackbird can find joy in the snow. I’m like that in November, but come April, I’m so over it all. I’m such a fickle person.


  2. I so envy you for when we have greyness and mud you have ice that twinkles and snow that gowns the trees! We have no birdsong in winter, but now they are singing their hearts out!


  3. I’ve been well-kissed, too, Fi! As my snow keeps falling, I’ll think of it as “kisses from heaven.” Love the way you composed the photo of the branches and crow.


  4. Beautiful words and I wish I had felt that way but I’m oh, so glad to see the snow melting. What a harsh winter it’s been. Still, your photo reminds me of how truly beautiful each season is and as you said, it’s how you approach it. Hopefully, next year, I’ll have your positive attitude.


  5. I love your philosophy and try to follow it (in the figurative sense — no weather here to interpret it literally). But like everybody else, there are days when, for one reason or another, it’s a little bit harder to sing. But I try, regardless!

    The picture is absolutely breathtaking.


  6. And this post is one of the reasons why I am going back through all of your posts I have missed in my absence. What a blessing your outlook on life is to me today. ♥


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