Horse sense

“One reason why birds and horses are happy is because they are not trying to impress other birds and horses.” — Dale Carnegie

Last week, when we arrived at the ranch, Anklebiter #1’s favourite horse was out teaching a girl how not to be frightened of horses.

So we saddled up this cutie instead.

Gleysir. An Icelandic horse with wild hair.

Just look at his fabulous winter coat! No wonder he never gets cold.

Some say that the art of riding – just like the art of life – is learning how to fall.

(But for me, it’s more about keeping the horse between myself and the ground.)

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61 thoughts on “Horse sense

  1. I’ve ridden Icelandics a couple of times. Fun horses with their little tolt type trot. How lucky your daughter is to have this experience. I had to wait until I was 38 to begin riding, with all the adult fears that went with that. But 25 years later, I’m still at it though I’ve lost count at how many times I’ve hit the ground. I’m off to ride right now!

    As always, gorgeous photos, my friend.


  2. Wonderful photos. A very cute pony. And I love your line “keeping the horse between me and the ground” – I was never able to do that.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel


  3. Fi, Please get me the name of Gleysir’s stylist. I like his coy look. However, if I were riding him, I’d prefer to stay in the saddle.


  4. I was such a horse nut when I was a kid– it was actually what got me to be a reader. Looks like a lovely pony to ride and great pics. He’s got a great smile!!!


  5. Beautiful horse and photos! His hair is shining in the sunlight. Looks contemplative and wise with his gentle eyes, .. and looks so calm and collected or has a hint of sadness in his eyes depending on my mood.

    ..the art of riding – just like the art of life – is learning how to fall.” Yes, and how to bend.


  6. your photos are always always such a treat. I love Gleysir’s grizzled look, and the image of his sideways head is extraordinary. he is so beautiful. what you’ve done here is almost enabled me to smell him, and I really like the smell of a horse. have a great week LadyFi!


  7. As a horse lover I truly appreciate this post.;)
    I rode a lot as a teenager and I recall being nowhere as happy as on a horseback, those 30 years ago.;)
    Lovely photography.;)


  8. I find that the trick with riding is moving with the horse and not fighting against it. Could be true with life also.

    I have my horse blanketed, but the neck and face and legs that are exposed are just as fuzzy as the pony you show. The combination of smooth and fuzzy makes for a funny look.


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