High exposure

Sometimes the body can be starved of sunlight just as the heart is starved of love.

And when you finally get what you long for, your whole body tingles with delight.

You sing with the joy that life brings you.

I grabbed my camera and went out on a photo shoot (it’s been ages since the last one because of the cloud cover).

I didn’t realize for a while that I had left my ISO on a high number, but these over-exposed shots somehow reflect what I was feeling.

The colours were so strong and vibrant that they hurt my eyes with their intensity.

Somehow, the unaccustomed sun made everything so bright –

A dazzling feast for the eyes with splashes of merry colour here and there.

And even after I adjusted the exposure, that wonderful light persisted.

The light of life, of love, of spring in my mind.

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80 thoughts on “High exposure

  1. Spring is in everyone’s mind indeed and your photographs’ high exposure convey so well the light in our hearts. Thank you 🙂


  2. The picture of the little birds is great! I’m always trying to capture the birds I see around here (and I was very excited when I caught the Hawk that I have on my header)
    Great picture of the kids! A great action shot. That snowkicker looks really fun!! That would be terrific here in the mountains too! Wonder if we have them available here…


  3. I guess with everything being so white, there is nothing to adjust. It is just bright. I bet it almost hurts the eyes.
    We have sunlight like that around lunchtime over here.


  4. Sunshine — seems like a good sign. I had the same question as the commenter above about the snow bike. It’s neat that there are so many different options coming out these days. Our daughter rides a ski-bike on the slopes (Oregon mountains) as she has an issue with balance so can’t ski. With the ski bike she can go with the rest of the family.


  5. Colors are vibrant, so must be your heart in the dazzling sun in quite a while. I especially like the third photo. What magic did you make on it? I feel like that I’m seeing one page of a children’s book in delicate water-colors.


  6. Your photos and your posts always express such an incredible and wonderful sense of joy — regardless of the weather. You always lighten my day, my evening with an awareness that I do have most of the time, but can lose sight of, and I can smile, laugh, giggle and happily get ready to sleep again — as I am now. Have a wonderful week!



  7. Kids, sunlight, a dog, beautiful birds – who cares if there’s snow? Beautiful shots, Fi. Thanks for the reminder.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel


  8. I am the same way, the sun comes out, the sky is blue and I grab my camera and go somewhere. And yes, the first heat can be so hot and colors so colorful! So lovely to see your photos.


  9. Great shots Fi, I really liked the one of your fur child running in the field…very cool!
    Yeah, what are the anklebiters riding?? Looks cool and dangerous, my kids would love that! 😉
    Today we had temperatures around +5.5C!!! It was soooo amazing!!
    Spring is a coming!! Have a super day Fi!!


  10. I want one of those snowkickers! Also, these are beautiful – I love the intensity! One of my favorites of mine is of a bluebird – I had no idea it was blue except I accidentally left my ISO too high, just as you did, and discovered it when it came up on my computer. I love those surprises!


  11. I do that way too often; leave my camera at an inappropriate setting. Sometimes it works out ok (yours did, especially the dog), sometimes it didn’t.


  12. I love the bird photo, and of course the kids and Oscar are always superb subjects. Your photos always seem to show joy in your subjects.


  13. This is a perfect example of a happy accident 🙂

    And for those who wondered about the snowkicker, I’ve no idea if it’s possible to buy them for real, and I can’t easily find out either, since the guy whose friend made that prototype is no longer a colleague of mine. 😦


  14. Getting out into the sun after a winter of cloudiness, I sometimes feel like I need TWO pairs of sunglasses. lol!

    Beautiful photo essay. 🙂


  15. The joy really shows on the faces of the Anklebiters..they are having a blast! Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by a shot that turns out different than I expected! It looks warm there..we were above 32 degrees today..and it rained a little..but we have lots of snow to melt:)


  16. That overexposure makes for really interesting and intense images!
    The dog in the snow is priceless (must remember to overexpose!).

    We had such bright light, but icy temperatures, air mass straight from Siberia (no kidding), for the lasr week or so. Today, cloudy skies, but warmer temperatures. Let’s hope for Spring to arrive soon!


  17. You have some very good pictures out there. I enjoy visiting. Its very colorful even in Winter. Following you on NB so I can find you easily when you have a new post. Thanks for the comment and the visit to my blog.


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