Winter sunflowers

I love the bare bones of winter. The windswept solitary landscapes that speak of cold and golden moments of stillness.

It’s a mistake to think that winter is a dead season. It’s a season of well-deserved rest for nature,

And beneath those bones, there is furious activity after a long period of sleep. Seeds are popping, roots growing,

Flowers waiting patiently to be born.

Beneath the weight of ice and snow, there is a feeling of something more…

Something is waiting there.

It’s just that we can’t see the whole story.


For more winter (or summer skies), please visit: Skywatch.

69 thoughts on “Winter sunflowers

  1. Beautiful words and images, pure poetry. I agree with you completely on the sentiments of winter. It is tranquil and protecting unseen life.


  2. How very true, this year I felt the winter was a time of deep introspection, I am waiting too, for something in me to be born.
    Such a profound post. Lots to reflect, I love it. Thank you, ladyfi


  3. One of the coolest things about blogging is seeing bloggers grow, and expand their talents.

    Your shots are simply breathtaking, I love the direction that you are going in.

    It makes me almost yearn for those cold winter temps, notice I said almost.

    How is that backhoe doing digging in the snow?

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


  4. I think I can hear spring rustling through those dried grasses and sighing in the frosty pink glow. The layers in that last photo really draw the eye to the horizon.


  5. “In the bulb there is a flower, in the seed an apple tree, in cocoons a hidden promise….”
    With patience we see the beauty in each step.
    Lovely images! I especially like the second one.


  6. Another story yet to unfold.
    An awakening!
    Something to look forward to.
    Stunning photo of the sunflower!


  7. Beautiful thoughts and a wonderful take on a season I’ve never really experienced! When the genie grants me three wishes, I may ask to get dropped in to your winter for a few days, just long enough to experience what it’s really like. (I guess the second wish would have to be for an entirely new wardrobe ;>)…Florida stuff just wouldn’t fut it.)


  8. Thank you for helping me to see winter in a different light. I have always loved winters — until this year and for some reason I’ve had trouble dealing with the cold and the gray — maybe it has to do more with aging than climate, but whatever, you’ve helped me see as I did years ago. Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!



  9. Ladyfi; I had a long, pondering look at the winter pictures. Like you said, underneath all this snow and cold and ice is a lot of activity as the roots of trees grow through winter. The scenery, birds, barns it is all life; here and wonderful. You are a great artist with words and pictures. Congratulations.


  10. Oh gosh both photos are equally beautiful you have in deed captured the spirt of the moment. Thanks for sharing with sky watch friday and your kind comments on my post earlier.


  11. Such true comments and gorgeous photography!! I’m like a kid waiting on Christmas, only I’m waiting on spring!!! YEAH!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ By the way, another huge congratulations on AB1’s huge achievement, how exciting!!! Have a wonderful weekend!


  12. How I love this! I feel exactly the same way about winter and love winte images. You are so right, so much is going on deep inside, beneath the surface. Welcome winter.


  13. MAGICAL!! I don’t know which I like best…the first one is so surprising. How can something seemingly dead look so beautiful? And that second one makes me feel like I am there, breathing in the beauty…savoring the view…


  14. On the first,how can something seemingly dead look so beautiful? And that second one… makes me feel like I am there, breathing in the beauty…savoring the view…


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