Winter barns

What is it about barns that tugs the heartstrings

And makes me think of strength and beauty?

Maybe it’s the way a red jewel wears winter curled on its roof

Or how the old timbers speak of age and grace.

Some barns are run down, bare bones

Waiting patiently for a loving coat of paint.

A broken window does not speak of a broken spirit however.

Faded and aging, but still standing —

Just like us.

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74 thoughts on “Winter barns

  1. Hi.

    Visiting your blog and absorbing your photos and text is one of the highlights of my day. It is good to know that there are those around the world who see the beauty in a given day, and then want to share that with others. And your words and images capture what is in your heart. Thank you for sharing your world with us.

    I love the photo of the barn with the snow curling off of the roof. What an unusual sight, at least for me.


  2. I love red barns– they always catch my eye as I drive through the country. The details in this photo are so interesting… You can see the waffle of the roof underneath the as it curves down from the eave… a whole bunch of stories spring to mind from this photo!


  3. I love old barns. The last place I lived there were lots of old barns that were looking less and less functional. I always wanted to own a house with just such a barn so I could restore it to some form of glory, though I really had not the time, money or patience for such an endevour.


  4. …and strong in spirit just like us 😉

    I love the contrast between the old red and the white of the snow, awesome shots as always, ladyfi. Have a great week 🙂


  5. I love barns, and I’m not sure why, but I think you touched on many of the reasons! I also love to think of the history they’ve seen and the people who built them and depended on them. Plus they are just so much fun to photograph. Yours are gorgeous!


  6. Beautiful thoughts — I have wondered often what it is about barns — have thought it is just a subconscious way to get back to one’s roots. But you put it so much more beautifully.

    I was looking at your header slide show and thinking about how happy Oscar looks in the snow! I think he’ll be disappointed when it melts!


  7. I’m really attracted by this post as one of the like-minded. The gloss of the barn which once sparkled is extinguished: it is natural progression to weather, peel, crack, tarnish…. but still stands quietly and boldly preserving the cold. Doesn’t look desolate but beautiful.


  8. Oh, these images are so typically Swedish.;) The red and white cottages, how I miss them:;)) And wit the snow, the contrast is incredibly appealing.
    Stunning imagery indeed.;)


  9. Oh honey, you found a real log structure. I love it and all your barn pics are great!!!

    God bless ya and have a fantastic day sweetie!!!

    Hop over…giveaway at my place! :o)


  10. The snow coming off the roof is just amazing, Fi.
    I have no personal connection to barns, but they tug at my heartstrings nevertheless. I was born in a Canadian city, so were my parents, so was my maternal grandfather, but there must be a farmer somewhere back in my ancestry, prodding me via genetic memory.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel


  11. Beautiful barn with its bright red dress. Like you, I always find them fascinating. I think the abandoned ones – or maybe it’s any abandoned building are the most interesting.


  12. They are magnificent photos and words are poetic!! Fading away red color reminds me of structures or gates of Shinto(Japan’s indigenous religious). They are painted in red. I think time is giving them elegant taste. They are more beautiful than new ones. My favorite is the second. Thank you.


  13. Great shots – I also love barns. The snow pattern in the second shot is amazing, and the contrast between the two barns in the last one is perfect.


  14. I really like the way the snow is flowing off the roof in 2nd picture – looks like whipped butter or even ice-cream!

    Splendid. Stewart M – AUstralia


  15. that is an awesome looking barn. i agree, there’s something about ’em! Especially the red ones. What a cool formation that snow made off the roof!


  16. Oh my goodness, what a stunning feast for the eyes and spirit! Such a talent you have, these photographs are beautiful, and your words bring them even more to life. Simply gorgeous!


  17. Your photos are always so very inspirational – always a pleasure to scroll through them and absorb all the details. THANK YOU!

    Saw a flock of geese headed ‘your way’ today – Spring is coming.


  18. I guess we share the same love for barns…I see plenty here in Georgia, and my heart sings every time I see them!!
    I know I have said this before, but Fi…your blog makes me smile! Thank you!


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