On ice

Last weekend was glorious!

Sun, dancing diamonds on the iced over lake

And a sky that made the heart sing for joy!

A perfect day for an adventure…

Some brave souls drove their cars out onto the ice and started a barbecue.

“Look! They’ve got a living room on ice!” the anklebiters squealed in delight.

Others slept in the sun while skaters swished by.

Children pretended they were knights jousting on their steeds.

And some of us stood still

And took the time to drink in the beauty of the moment.

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69 thoughts on “On ice

  1. What a wonderful experience! Apparently when the Thames freezes (last time was 1963, apparently) they hold Frost Fairs – entire markets out on the river…


  2. These are absolutely delightful – winter happiness captured by your lens. As the light increases, the snow gains a completely different feel as does the environment.
    I would trade your weather for our any time – we are back to the typical southern Scandinavian winter: rain and drizzle, with foggy grey days… sigh.;)


  3. You always share such incredible joy and delight in your world and that joy overflows onto us, your delighted followers! I’m certain that you remind others — as you do me, of the beauty there is to be found everywhere in every season if you take the time to look! I always enjoy seeing the world through your eyes! Have a beautiful week!



  4. Thanks for making me smile! Your words are as beautiful as the photographs…
    and thank you allowing me to see something new.
    Anything new is exciting for me, you see. A living room on ice with BBQ included? LOVE IT! The sleeping child: PRICELESS!
    Have a wonderful day!


  5. What a fun thing to do! “Dancing diamond on iced lake” “living room on the ice” ….. I love your words as well as beautiful picutres. I like the color of white and blue, iced snow in the sunlight and that in the shadow.


  6. Looks like a fabulous day Fi!! And yeah- aren’t people crazy driving heavy machinery out on the ice? They drive tractors out on the ice here- NUTS!!! I am squealing with the delight when the ice holds me, let alone a tractor!!! hahahaha!!!


  7. You can almost hear the laughter and feel the silliness of the children. Wonderful images. As always, you capture the beauty of your surroundings.


  8. You’ve got a microcosm of your town right in front of you on the ice, Fi. I love the girls’ bright hats against the white and blue of the ice and snow.


  9. Looks like nice weather there..perfect to be out and about..we are way below zero again tonight and got only to +1F today..and it is windy..I enjoyed the sled photo..I wish I could find a large one and find some big guy to pull me around on the snow whilst I looked at clouds and had a nap:)


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